What all could be damaged by idiot tow truck driver?

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Nov 13, 2015
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Tampa, Fl
So about 2 weeks ago I was on the way home from work in my 2010 SHO. All of a sudden the car started running rough and smoking out of the exhaust. So I pulled over and called Ford road side assistance so they could send a tow truck. So about 1 hour later a 1980's tow truck pulls up (not a flatbed). I told the guy that this is a SHO and it is all wheel drive. He said no problem just put it in Neutral so I did and he hooked up. He then lifted the front of the car and took a rope to tie the wheels to the lift. I asked him again are you sure that its ok to tow like this as this is a all wheel drive car. He said yes its in neutral. So a few days go by and Ford calls me and said ok the car is good to go. I said great and went to get my car. They had to replace #2 fuel injector. I left the service department and the car was driving pretty good except for a kept hearing and feeling a vibration. So the next morning I took it back and they indicated that the drive shaft is out of round. So they have replaced that but they still have my car as they said the vibration and noise is still there.

I was reading that it could be transmission, rear end, drive shaft.

Has anybody ever experienced anything like this or do you have any ideas what all could be wrong?


Feb 7, 2016
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Hey did they ever fix your vibration? I have a 2013 SHO I bought about two months ago. At 55 then again at 65 there is a vibration. At first they said front axles bent from the car being transported and the drivers throw chains over the front axle. Replaced front axles, still vibrates. Then they kept blaming the rims. Until I got them to put rims and tires from another car on mine...vibration still there. My dad who has been working on cars 60 years took a ride with me and said the vibration is higher frequency than if it were rims or tires or rotors. The drive shaft and various gears before and after the drive shaft spin 2.6 times faster than the wheels from what I can tell from reading online. Others have said they had a vibration and replacing the rear differential resolved it.

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