Driver side headlight stays on with car off.

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Jul 20, 2014
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Toledo, Ohio
I have a 2017 Taurus sho that has had minimal problems the past 2 years.I took the car to have tires put on yesterday, (Saturday) it was fine all day.
This afternoon (Sunday) I tried to remote start the car before I ran to the store. It didn't start, the car is dead. The keypad barely lit up.
I got it jumped and went to the auto parts store I got the battery from just over a year ago, it checked out good.
When I pulled into the auto part store parking lot I noticed the drivers side headlight was on and nothing I tried would make it turn off. I went back in to purchase a battery charger, just in case. When I went back out to the car (I left it running) the light was off. I got home put in on a 2 amp charge. After 2 or so hours I went out to check it and the drivers side headlight is back on again and I can't turn it off.
I did a search for which fuse is on that circuit, pulled the fuse and the light is off.
I thought this might have been something glitched from the dead battery, but I assume the light came on last night Saturday) and drained the battery down to 6.5 volts.
It's only the driver side headlight. I replaced both bulbs this past summer with the stock osram bulbs and they have been okay since.
Does anyone have any ideas, a search didn't bring up anything and I hate to try to get into the dealer especially this time of year.
Thanks for your time, Joe