Power Steering High Pressure Hose Needs Replacement

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Jan 12, 2022
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South Florida
I have a 1990 SHO with 155k miles on it that got power steering work (new pump, new hose, leak fixed) done by a mechanic about half a year ago. The problem right now is that the high pressure hose popped itself out of its nut, which is left sitting screwed in the new pump and the car isn't driveable until I put on a new hose, but I don't know what I have to do to do this right, because I can only lift it up with a small jack in a parking lot, and I know there's no room to wt a wrench onto the hose on the steering racks end.

Does anyone have a step-by-step tutorial for what I should do to make this go as smooth as possible? There's no guides online about how to do it right, and most of what I heard is that I need to lower the back of the subframe to get enough clearance. Mainly just need a clear guide to do this, I'm so sick of my car sitting, it runs great besides this