Need help Seattle/Tacoma area

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Apr 9, 2010
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Fort Lewis, WA
Well my 95 MTX is about to go under the wrench for a 3.2 swap and I could use a hand because everyone I know who is somewhat capable is constantly busy. I have almost all of the parts, just needs to be put together and installed. What I need is a place to work on the car (I can pay you for the storage and the help), and some tools that I may not have. This is what I have currently:

-3.2 shortblock on stand
-3.0 heads (guides have been checked by machine shop) needs assembly
-Triflow cams
-Full Intake with ported throttle body
-Most sensors
-Water pump and other random engine parts
-Jose SHOrt Throw shifter

My car is drivable but I suspect after research I broke a strap on my pressure plate. I'd like to get this started here very soon. If anyone can help me, that would be greatly appreciated. Can PM my phone number.