Moving away soon... Get together?

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Jun 2, 2005
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Well, after about 6 weeks of mental whiplash, the dust has finally settled and I am making the move back to KC. After talking to a few companies in the Chicago area, I quickly found out how terrible the economy is outside of my bubble. Long story short, nobody was hiring and if they were, I wouldnt be able to afford a cardboard box to live out of.

I went down to KC last weekend and while there, I met up with my old boss to see the new shop he purchased. Long story short, we settled our differences and I am now about to begin a new chapter at Midwest Sign Co in the coming weeks. My old work truck is being sent into the shop Friday to get some work done on it in preparation of my return into the installer/service environment. As far as I know, I will be making the move within 3-4 weeks. So I want to have a lil get together with everyone before that...

I'm not really able to host a gathering here at the house so I was wondering if anyone wanted to step up to the plate instead? I know Jason had talked about having some people over to make use of the theater room... Or we could all crash Clay's place or just have dinner some place that serves beer.

Ideas? Any takers? My weekends are pretty open except for the second week of October where I'll be in STL getting smashed with 80% of the SHO Forum. :wave:

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