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Mar 30, 2023
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Savannah GA
3 weeks after purchasing my 2010 SHO, after spending a few hours under the front end figuring out how to get the downstream O2 sensors to stop triggering codes for the absence of catalytic converters, and after a few hours under the hood swapping out a hose for a boost leak, I took a drive this evening and experienced full boost and listened to the “woosh” sound from the BOV’s for the first time. Felt like I was 12 again. Now the quest starts. Do I take it to a local shop for a tune on an AWD dyno? Or is the remote tuning just as good? And which one is the better bang for my $?

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Mar 24, 2023
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South Florida
Well depending what state you live in - you might get a strong arm about tuning an off road exhaust car. After the recent changes to EPA law, the shops might say they won't tune but only dyno test.

That said, I asked here in FL 3 shops with dynos if they would tune they all asked if exhaust was stock or legal.. I said no, they said no. Even remote tune like Livernois, Gearhead, and others will say they will never tune out emissions errors.

ORTIZ is a sponsor of this forum that remote tunes. I fear they will say the same. So hit up forums and tune forums asking for an ecoboost experienced tuner who will share a custom tune with you - once you find someone then buy a tuner like HP SCT, or others. Problem here is - how do you know their experience and proficiency? The issue in the industry is no minimum competency standards. So basically as with remote tuning - dyno tuning - or pay to hire tuning it can be a crap shoot.

I went with my off road - since in the State of FL there is zero emissions testing - to go with a Tuner from a tune device site. Not ME, I profess I have little skill. He has extensive ecoboost tuning experience, he owns a EB Mustang and has been tuning other makes for years.

I wish you luck in your search, if you PM me I can share my contact.

As a P.S. story, many years back, 2014 I bought a tuner by the independent company at the time called DiabloSport. At the time they had a dyno tested tune and paid my $600, and change - it was very aggressive, very hard shifts- I needed to put in logging mode, etc. 2 weeks on their tune transmission gave out... maybe I had a bum transmission, maybe a car with less that 14K miles was just a lemon... maybe maybe maybe.

Morale of the story, my transmission was under warranty and paid for - shipped from Detroit. Be careful how aggressive your tuning is.

My two cents....

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