SHO Convention Track Day - Specifically about helmets

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Just as a background. Track Days have been a staple of our SHO Conventions for years. With 100+ attendees, we would get 60+ track Day attendees.

We have dropped off of that. My goal is to get more SHO people involved in running the Track. Once you do it, you are hooked!

Fortunately, Autointerests has an outstanding program for First Timers. I would encourage all Convention attendees to consider doing the track. And PittRace is an excellent track! I personally like it better than Mid-Ohio, which is another great track that Autointerests runs, and we have run during the 98 SHO Convention.

As in 2020, Autointerests runs track days on Friday through Sunday of Labor Day weekend, We are calling Sunday, September 5th, the “SHO Track Day” at PittRace.

We are planning on doing “Ride Along” passengers with us when we do the PittRace track day, so you can see what a track is like.

But, I encourage all of you to consider doing the Track Day. Join the First Timer program at the Autointerests site, and sign up for the Sunday September 5th Track Day with us. The information is at:

The important thing is that you need an approved helmet. And even dragstrips are now requiring approved helmets. If you don’t have one, I fully suggest getting a Snell SA2020. Helmet. This is the top-rated Snell helmet, and is approved for any kind of track event you attend, be it autocross, dragstrip, or an HPDE road course.

These Snell SA2020 helmets will be valid for at least another 11-12 years. Here’s an example of what is available: