Power steering issue VAPS and SARC Module

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Sep 13, 2010
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Hey Guys, Been having issues with my power steering on my 1997 SHO. I havnt had SARC struts in my SHO for 10+ years and removed the height sensors some time in that 10 years. I used to have the SARC fuse on a switch to make the steering hard/soft when I wanted but removed that a few years back and put power back to the SARC module. My power steering has been getting stiff after a 20+ min drive and I figured it was an issue with the VAPS from the SARC module but recently I removed the Fuse to the SARC module and the steering doesnt change at all now where it used to with the switch. I think i have a few issues here now that I am trying to correct. I think my power steering fluid is getting too hot and causing the steering to go stiff after drive for a bit so I will be installing a after market power steering cooler here shortly to see if it fixes the issue as its possible the stock cooler tube is pluged maybe? As for the SARC and VAPS control, does anyone know if the hight sensors need to be installed for the steering VAPS solenoid control to work? or is it just the vehicle speed that controls that? Ive done a pin out test on the SARC module and all seems fine. Resistance on the VAPS solenoid on the steering rack seems good too. Not sure if i have a SARC issue here or the VAPS solenoid is not working? I have used forscan to try and force adjust the VAPS while driving and the steering has no change as well. The only SARC DTC codes are front left and front right shock actuator failure, which makes sence since theyre disconnected.