Multiple injector issues, looks like I need replacements. Stock, DW, or XDI?

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Apr 12, 2022
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I've replaced all spark plugs, one injector, and three coils and I'm still having misfires on throttle, fuel smell, surging at idle, etc. Looking like I'm going to need to replace my injectors because at least two have stuck open now, so what are my options?

- I could have my current injectors cleaned and reinstalled, but there may be damage that goes past what is possible to fix.
- I could purchase the Bosch injectors, allegedly they're equivalent to OEM but is it worth the hassle / risk?
- I could purchase OEM replacements, but what are their limits when it comes to future modifications?
- I could purchase the Deatschwerks injectors, they seem well priced but lots of people ******** about them being difficult / impossible to tune for
- I could purchase the XDI injectors, but they seem expensive, and are they really necessary for a reasonable street car build? Also, long lead times.

I plan to install a methanol system in the not too distant future, basically copying this guy's homework. My research tells me that it's basically the best first upgrade you can make in terms of cost, power, and drivetrain reliability, but feel free to correct me, I'm an amateur.

I also assume that I'll need to replace the HPFP / LPFP before I actually get anything out of an aftermarket injector, but would simply replacing the pumps alone be enough to get most of the value out of a fuel system upgrade in the first place, especially if I'm going to run methanol? I did research on this in the past and I feel like this was the conclusion I came to, but I don't recall completely. You can run E30 on stock injectors and that's enough to max out the stock drivetrain with a meth system, right?

Please advise.
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Mar 27, 2015
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Get the bosch assuming they are still half price of the oem's. If it was a 100 dollar difference for all 6 I'd get OEM, but anything over that I'd use bosch.


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Dec 25, 2011
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if you are going for an all out build then yes pumps and injector upgrades are an asset.

if not, you would do fine with e + m on stock equipment.

you should obviously have it tuned, and your tuner can best advise you what to run in your sho based on your goals.