SHO Meet, Saturday June 7th

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Jul 31, 2002
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Triad Area, North Carolina.
We can start this at say....11 AM? If your driving from further away, I don't mind if you show up a little earlier.

Beer will be provided (Corona) and other beverages. (If you are under 21, you will not drink). I will also say don't plan on getting hammered because I don't plan on keeping anyone overnight. I'd also hate to see anyone get in trouble on their way home! The fire pit will go up and it's ok if folks stay late.

General wrenching is more then fine! If someone wants to even perform a top 60k at my house they are more then welcome to! (Sans a valve lash!). I also encourage anyone to bring parts they may want to sell or trade. Consider this a lite tech meet.

My ground rules are simple: No drinking if you are under 21 , No vehicular Asshatery. Nothing but a good and relaxed time.

Lastly, Food. To be honest - It would probably be easier just to get order out. But, if we have volunteers that want to grill Hamburgers, or Hot-Dogs...then speak up. We would need people to bring stuff. I'll need to know the preference on food AT LEAST a week before.

Look forward to seeing everyone and remember, you don't need a SHO to show up!

My Address and other information:

Saturday, June 7th
73 Scotts Lane, Angier NC, 27501.
PM Me if you need my phone number.

Hotel Information!

For those of you coming from out of town, this hotel is literally about 10 minutes (Exactly 5 miles) from my house, in a low traffic, low density area. It's rated pretty good as well. Rates are anywhere from 65-100 dollars a night. It is the only one that is this close to my place. Everything else is a 20-30 minutes drive, so reserve now.

From my house...

Attendance list.

Sam - Green 92 MTX - Drinks, House.
Ashley - Red SVT Focus - Condiments, Toppings, Wife.
Bill - White 89 MTX - ?
DJ - Red 91 MTX - Hot Dogs and HD Buns.
Kevin - Silver 92 MTX - Paper Products and Hamburger Buns.
Brian - Jaguar XJ-220 - Ground beef (For Hamburgers)
**** - Silver 10' SHO - Side Dishes
Andi - V8 SHO? - Side Dish
Terry - Mazda 6
Justin S - Broken Van.
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Aug 28, 2009
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North Carolina
The closest hotels are in Lillington and Dunn (Dunn is RIGHT off of 95). Benson also has a few just off the interstate but it's a bit more of a drive from us. And Sanford is 30 minutes south of us. If you're wanting to get just a tiny bit further you can check out Cary or Apex.

If people want to volunteer to bring food, that worked pretty well last time. If the preference is to order (pizza is pretty much the option) we do ask that you be willing to contribute something to cover that.


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Jun 2, 2010
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Are you starting your own used car lot? Or is it a start to a SHO museum? :salute:

Captain DJ :salute:
I've been buying, fixing, driving, & selling vehicles since i was 18.
Worked for a dealer for several years & been doing it myself on the side for 16 years. I've bought & sold so many vehicles in the past 16 years that its nearly impossible to remember them all. always kept it simple tho. 3 to 6 a year.
I will always remember the rare cool/fast ones that i wished i had held on to.
If i had plenty of money i really would have a warehouse/museum full of the cool/fast & rare ones I've had, have & want. Don't hurt to Dream!!! So yea your thought is not far from the truth;)