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Feb 25, 2001
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Thanks to all of the 2020 28th National SHO Club of America Convention attendees! I Hope that you all had a great time and will attend in 2021!

To the 2021 Members: Thank You for all of the Membership Renewals, as well as the great number of new 2021 Members!

To the 2020 Members: Please renew your 2021 Membership and get the $25 Discount Code for the 2021 Convention! Current pricing is $75 until July 31st. In order to keep the SCOA alive and kicking, we rely on your annual Memberships to keep us going. All details for the Membership and Convention are at our new 2021 website:

We are back at PittRace, north of Pittsburgh, this year. September 2-5, 2021, over Labor Day weekend. And we have completed the Convention schedule, with a number of great events. Our SCOA Track Day is Sunday, although Autointerests is running Track Days Friday through Sunday, if you wish to run multiple days. PittRace is a great track! We run the full 2.78 mile track, and it’s awesome! I’ve run Mid-Ohio a few times, and I must say that I like PittRace better. See the track info at:

If you are interested in running with us on Sunday, you must register at:
Please note that if you haven’t run with Autointerests, you will default to the First Timer group. See the instructions on the main webpage, but you must request a higher Run Group BEFORE registering for the track. I, as many of us, ran Advanced/Instructor with the SHO groups. But, Autointerests gets a lot of high-powered cars, on track rubber, so we generally run Intermediate.

ATTENTION – Current 2021 SCOA Convention Registrants! We have added a few events over the last couple of months. Please revisit the site and express your interest for things like the Dyno Day and Saturday Drive. It’s no cost, but we would like an idea of the number of attendees, particularly for lunch on the Saturday drive.

We also have a Dyno Day on Thursday 9/2, with an AWD Mustang Dyno. We are time-limited to 14 spots. As of today, there are 8 left. $120 for 3 pulls. You can see the full schedule on the webpage above. Besides the Car Show, we have a Car Control event, with prizes for the top 3 finishers. As well as a great day on Saturday, with a visit to the local Air Heritage museum, then an hour drive to the National Packard museum in Warren Ohio. Plus our Banquet and Silent Auction on Sunday night, after the Track Day.

Sponsors are welcome! Especially for the Door Prizes at the Banquet.

Hope to see you all there!

Ron Porter

President – SHO Club of America (SCOA)

[email protected]

Cell: 248.891.4760 (preferably text prior to a call)

[email protected]

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