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Jul 12, 2021
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Estancia (outside Albuquerque) New Mexico
Hey hows it going SHO people i have a 14' Sho i bought in 2019. It had 36k its got 89k now, probably the roughest 50k any car's ever had LOL.

Things ive done to the car, Airraid Intake first day, 2nd Day muffler and resonator delete. Catless Downpipes installed with slotted and drilled Rotors, and Megan Lowering Springs. 170 T Stat, 3 Bar Map Sensor, SCT Tuner with Ortiz, then Gearhead Tunes. I kept reading on alot of forums that the SHO traps alot of under hood heat, so i looked for a hood spacer kit with no luck i took the old hardware off and took it to the local Home Improvement Store and walked out with 2.5" longer bolts and new Nuts all GRADE 8 toughness. I ordered the GT500 hood vents and decided the night before a big race event in abq (I was entered into) that it was a good idea to try to put them in last minute. Needless to say there's 1 vent in.... Trans mounts were next loved how it made the car feel afterwards. I found the Rays Lightweight Forged Wheels(G35 Wheels) on Craigslist, went from 65LBs for stock 20s with tires EACH to 42LBs with the Rays and tires, 52Lbs off the rotational mass. In the mean time I put every combo of exhaust you could think from turndowns directly off the Downpipes to full exhaust with Nice Flowmaster mufflers. As of right now i have Downpipes, to x pipe and then turndowns behind drivers seat (Its a little ROWDY). I had a Throttle body spacer from 05-10 V6 mustang on until i bought a 72mm Throttle Body and Noisemaker Delete Pipe with meth **** welded into it. I swapped out the body and pipe realizing there wasnt enough room for the spacer anymore, I debated on cutting the noisemaker pipe enough to make it work but decided against it. Then came the 2.5 Snow Meth Performance running the biggest nozzle they make #6 (625ML/Min). Running 60% meth to 40% water. I have a NX Wet Nitrous Kit with a PSI activated Bottle Heater, Purge, Fuel Pressure Safety, RPM Window Switch (that im actively trying to figure out how to wire). The initial idea was to run a 75 Shot but Ive ordered a AEM UEGO Wideband so I can work my way up to potentially a 100+ Shot. The car made 375 WHP and 500 TQ before the Meth and 72mm Throttle body and the Auto Octane sensor was reading at -.52. So hopefully the next time its dynoed it'll be Closer to 410ishWHP before the Spray. The goal for this car since the first day i owned it was to make 500+Whp, Id be very content doing that without having to go to big turbos. The first car pic is Pre Turtle Shell Wrap, the Mustangs are a 2020 10 speed GT intake/exhaust tune/Slicks, 2017' 6 Speed Manual Headers/Exhaust/ GT350 Intake Mani/Huge Throttle Body/Tune, these are what im hanging with at the moment. Last pic is my Ex's 18' Sho she just bought a month ago, we wrapped the headlights and emblem green. She says its my Cars BF (cause its a PP) This last exhaust change i put my old exhaust setup on her car so its got a nice muscle-y rumble to it.

If anybody has an idea where i can get a good tach signal let me know. I ordered a Dis-Tach Driver MSD Adapter #8913, because its a distributor less spark system making it a pain to get an rpm signal that readable for the RPM WINDOW SWITCH. Hopefully that'll solve the problem so i can get this nitrous experiment going, and some big Dyno Numbers


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On a mission to get below 4000lbs
Nov 15, 2019
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Just came upon this, great looking car man. You have a good amount of mods. if you haven't seen the latest Engine Masters, you should check it out. They proved pretty hard that meth should be ran at 100% always. The water it is mixed with just takes up space in the combustion chamber and reduces the ability to make power. They showed it doesn't do anything else. Might be the little extra you need.

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