got a house (for lease)

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May 3, 2008
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Saint Paul, Minnesota
Hey guys,

just excited about finally finding a house to rent in Rochester for the price I wanted to pay.

been fairly fed up with the current living situation since certain things promised upon signing the lease were not delivered upon.

The Fam and I are currently in a 2br 1.5ba townhouse in NW Rochester, we were told we would have a 1 stall garage a month after we moved in but it never happened. found out from an employee with the MGMT people, that any time one was available they used it to sweeten the deal for new residents.

there were also several issues that were like pulling teeth to get them to fix, but I digress...

the new place is a 2br 1ba single story house (with semi-finished basement) on the south side of Rochester in a much quieter, more well established neighborhood. it has a 1.5 car garage (has a 1 car wide bay door and the floor plan is wide enough to park my explorerer with another 8ft of room to the left of it.) with a sizeable work bench/storage area to the front of the garage that is attached to the house, there is a concrete patio behind the gargage/beside the house, a fire pit and lots of room for the kiddo and a dog to run around. the previous occupant also had a swing set that they are leaving for my kid to abuse.

the MGMT company that owns the house also owns a row of townhomes next door so maintenance will be provided by them (after talking to a couple of the residents of the town homes they said they MGMT company is really good about fixing things fast, and easy to deal with).

I'm just looking forward to not having room mates or neighbors on the otherside of a wall for once.

the MGMT rep i've dealt with has been super easy going with everything and actually took some of my suggestions about the house and did them before we even applied to move in! He also lowered the deposit amount and waived the extra $$$ they'd have charged to hold the house from now until December when we'll move in. he also talked to the previous occupant about leaving behind the swing set and the work bench in the garage as well as the park bench on the front porch for no $$$ out of my pocket.

they've painted everything inside, yanked out the old carpet and linoleum and replaced it with new, as well as a new tub surround, and hand rail for the stairs down to the basement where the washer and dryer hook ups are.

This week is shaping up to be pretty sweet.

see some of ya'll friday and saturday.


Mr. Mayhem
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Aug 28, 2008
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Let's just say, she's over qualified...