April 16th SHO Cookout

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Jul 21, 2014
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North Carolina
My brother and I have tossed the idea of having an SyTy/SHO meet around a couple times in the past, and we might try and plan a one day get-together/ cook out next year. It would probably be during the summer, after the convention. We have been to GM Turbo 6 meets at Lake Jordan and they have nice pavilions with parking lots that are large enough for a meet that you can reserve. But this is just a feeler to see if anyone would want to hang out.

Alright guys and gals, this is happening!! On Saturday, April 16th my brother and I will be hosting a GM Turbo 6/ SHO group cook out. It will be at the Haw River Community Park in Haw River, NC. We reserved the large pavilion they have on site. This should be a good meet to go between convention for anyone who is going and any future events that pop up.

We will provide the meats, but would really like if everyone could bring something such as drinks, chips, a home dish, etc.

Address: 1130 Pine St, Haw River, NC 27258

If you need my number PM me.

Saturday- we will arrive at the park and setup, everyone can just arrive in the morning through early afternoon where we will chat in the parking lot and pavilion and cook out until we all pack up and go home.

There will be no hating of cars ( Ford or GM) we are all enthusiasts. You don't need a SHO to come!

Who all is coming????

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