1992 Ford Taurus SHO. New member!

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Sep 29, 2023
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Oakland, CA
Hey thought I should make an intro! My names Logan and I live in Oakland. Recently bought a 1992 SHO for 2,400 (141,000 mi) The previous owner was replacing the rod bearings and was unable to finish so I finished the job. It was my first time doing anything like that and I wanted to learn.

I just fired her up for the first time yesterday and she sounded great.
————> Video of cold start
There were a few things that went wrong during the process: stripping the oil pump pickup studs (I have some extra studs in case someone does the same thing) but other than that I got the engine stuff done.

Now I have to check off the rest of the list.
1. New tires
2. Take her to the mechanic to get the exhaust/cat converters welded back together (and maybe an MPI)
3. See if she passes SMOG
4. Finish replacing speakers (door panels and everything are taken off)
5. Finish putting interior back together
6. Fix parking brake release system (need a new pull cable thing)
7. K1LL switch (f*%#*ng thieves)
8. Clean and detail!

If I get the time and end up holding onto the car I want to try and change the timing belt and do some paint work (theres a few tiny spots of rust and scuffs).

Holla at me if you are from the bay maybe we could meet up or if you got parts we both need etc.

Edit #1: just drove it for the first time. Brake pedal depressed all the way to the floor and did not build up pressure, it slowed me down and could stop me completely but something was wrong. The abs light came on too. I was taking it to the mechanic anyway to put some tires on the back so I’m having him bleed the system. Thankfully he’s less than a mile away. I had depressed the pedal yesterday and it seemed like it built up pressure but now its not. We’ll see what happens.

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