Looking at a 2012 SHO for $15300

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Sep 10, 2017
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One thing to clarify - the dealer is absolutely prohibited by federal regulation from sharing any information about a prior owner (or any other client of theirs) so he was not being an a@@ about not providing that information, he was just trying to comply with the rules. The best you can possibly hope for is to ask the dealer to pass along your contact information to the prior owner with a request that they call you. Since you are specifically asking them to pass along your information it is technically ok, and they may do it. But no reputable dealer will give you any prior owner information.

If you really like the car, $11,600 is a decent (not great, but fair) price because no 10+ year old car is going to be perfect.
I asked for exactly that, Offered to share my info and let the prev owner decide. Flat No.


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Sep 20, 2018
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North Carolina
Well gentlemen -
Perhaps this might be your timing....?
After hard thought and consideration, I have decided to sell my 2011 SHO. It comes with very much mixed emotions, and yes, even tears.
The reason is pure logic. I have moved to a very small town, with no dealerships or any shop that I'm familiar with, or could even TRUST....and the closest real repair place is 2-1/2 hours away.
While I LOVE the car, and EVERYTHING works on it....and I have money to put into it if needed...
The problem is - if something went wrong and it had to go into a shop - it could cost THOUSANDS towing it back and forth.
And THAT...unfortunately cannot be justified.

The car is the beauty in the picture. And I have many photos I can sent to a possible buyer.

She has 142K, never been wrecked.
20" Vision Legend 5 spoke old school chromie Mags with new rubber just 6K ago.
Smoked glass, and a fully functional sunroof. An Audison 1200 watt stereo with sub in back. There was no one that made an after market head at the time, so I spent the coin and had it custom done with with the stock dashboard screen using the stock head. And I've been very happy ever since thenView attachment 90344View attachment 90343 that I did....it looks and works wonderful.View attachment 90340View attachment 90341
Also has a higher end Viper Security system that works with the stock factory fob, as well as via the internet through the Viper App. So it also has remote starting...you can even start it halfway around the world!

As I stated earlier, EVERYTHING works. Even the A/C Seats!
Interior LED ambient lighting that you can change color with. Outside entry lighting around the car.
Also has the upgraded HID Headlights.
I have also bought NEW OEM SHO tail lights with chrome trim that I am currently installing.
The car itself has spent its entire life in the SW region...so the underneath is really clean with no rust to be seen anywhere.

There is much more to write about, but this should be enough to get the juices goin' for right now.
I'm asking $10,000K
If you decide to part out the stereo I'd be interested. Or even a factory for aftermarket swap deal of some sort if you don't have the original.

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Mar 25, 2019
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