2015 SHO PP

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Feb 25, 2024
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Hey all -

Just picked up a 2015 SHO PP - Tuxedo Black.

First impressions are: I love this car! It's such a cruiser and has more options than I've ever seen in a car.

Been a Ford guy since my Dad picked up a 1984 20th Anniversary Mustang GT when I was a kid. Since then I've owned several Foxbody's, 2004 Mach 1, 2004 Cobra and a 2012 Shelby GT 500 (715WHP), and lastly a 2019 Raptor. Between life, divorce and other BS the only Ford I have left is my 1986 project car and now the SHO. I do all my own work on my cars. I've been wrenching since I was a kid starting with Dirt Bikes and small engines.

My plans:
Get all the maintenance stuff done, all fluids ect. Still gathering knowledge, but I see lots of repetitive items that obviously need immediate attention.
Mild mods: EPP Air Intake, Mild tune, IC. Maybe more, but that is a good start it seems.

Anyways, nice to be here and look forward to being part of the community.

Sep 6, 2023
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welcome, I have an 89 Fox project myself along with my own stable of fords. You will find no shortage of knowledge here, depending on your cars history and miles it might be a good idea to include water pump and timing chains to your priority list. depending on how quickly you plan on doing you mild mods list you can get away with a few even more mild mods right away (K/N drop in filter and a catch can) ive noticed these cars tend to be higher maintenance than any other car Ive ever had with the frequent drivetrain fluid changes and being very picky about oil, more systems to watch, but this forum and the knowledge here really helps. good luck