1. WarrenBoostit

    Getting to the Bottom of Dropping OAR

    Hey all, I'm trying to put a pin in the reason my OAR has dropped a bit lately. I'm on Gearhead's e30 Tune, at about 67k miles now (specs in sig), and for a while through this winter I was running at a very happy -0.99 OAR on roughly e35-e40. I know some positive KR is expected to counteract...
  2. 4sfed

    E30 Calculator for Android?

    Hey everyone. I'm making the switch from iPhone to Android, and I've really fallen in love with an iPhone app called CalculatE85 (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/calculate85/id1246394696). Unfortunately, that developer doesn't make an Android version. SO!....besides web sites, what apps are...
  3. S

    Preparations to run E30

    Hey guys. I’m getting a HPFP from LMS along with their E30 tune. My questions are related to the logistics of running E30. I’ve got a gas station not too out of the way that offers E85 that I’ll be able to use to blend my gas. I’m prepared to use the necessary formulas to calculate my mixture...