My Big build Thread

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Jan 12, 2020
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I guess I'll post all of this to one build thread and spare the internet.

2018 SHO PP just hit 40k miles

Car is tuned on auto octane from GH
I've been running it with the basic setup colder spark plugs 3 bar map 180F thermostat H&R coils and Geard head intercooler for two years. Last year I got the Wilwoods on the front with R1 concepts rotors. I finally got all of the parts together to go HAMM on the rest, so after about 3 months of careful work and research we're probably a few days away from completion.

I replaced every piece of suspension under the car as well as rubber.

BC Racing DS Series Coil overs with swift springs
Mevotech TTX components ( outer tie rod ends, rear swaybar link , front sway bar link)
Other control arms were mevotech painted with brake caliper 2k paint
New trans axles OEM all around
Whiteline rear sway bar
Sway bar bushings OEM
Timken PP wheel hubs front and rear (they're a local company I had to try)
[ currently slotting the rear lower control arm bolt holes to finally correct negative camber after lowering] no more inside tire wear

New Anthony D Trans mounts ( Welded in front trans mount bracket)
New Upper trans mount urethane'd and painted as well as engine mount

Upgraded Gearhead Turbos (hot side ceramic coated)
Stainless steel works Downpipes (ceramic coated and titanium wrapped)
3rd cat delete with resonators and crosspipe added running Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonators (Gold quad exhaust tips with CF heat shields)

MSD Ignition coils
Eco power parts hot pipes set with CAI
UPR Dual catch can

Ceramic coated engine valley coolant pipe
X35Designs intake manifold phenolic spacer
PRO METH Intake manifold with direct port injection/ 5 gal tank big pump setup (Added in extra aluminum heat shielding underneath intake manifold to help with heat soak) AEM HD water meth controller
70mm BBK Throttle body
New radiator hoses wrapped in titanium heat wrap to help with under hood temps

Removed OEM Performance pack oil cooler for a Improved racing sandwich plate oil cooler with a 17" Mishimoto Heavy-Duty Bar and plate fluid cooler
Removed OEM Performance pack PTU cooler loop and transitioned to a low amp meziere water pump going to a small plate oil cooler (off amazon I think, nothing crazy)

Moved Battery to the trunk opposing the meth tank hopefully balancing out weight added to the rear
Had GT500 front bumper winglet splitter fabricated out of aluminum
Carbon Fiber Hood vents added to help under hood temps
Removed OEM front seats for Sparcos to save on weight with brackets from Aaron at Schwartz Performance (was able to scoop a CF seat off a local facebook ad for half price so i couldn't pass it up)
Zen Carbon fiber steering wheel with airbag cover

I think that is everything so far just getting ride height sorted then its gunna get flat bedded up to get put on a body rack and made sure we have perfection in the alignment front to back (slotting the rear lower control arms should help attain a very nice level balance)

Once I can get Some of those Helix Clutch packs I'll have them thrown in with the Traction concepts LSD packs I've been sitting on once I get those it's on to fueling with a hpfp from XDI along with injectors and I think we're done and happy lol


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Jan 12, 2020
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Love the build man. Do the Ds Series Coilovers have the camber plates? Did you have to use oem strut mounts?
The DS does have camber plates and I'm pretty sure you don't even use the strut mounts you just slap them in there unless I'm confused. I wasn't there for the day they got put on. I'll check and get back to you though I remember thinking I needed to order some new ones but it never came up so that might be a fun surprise for the future lol


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TJ SHOnuff

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Aug 5, 2017
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I have been contemplating upgrading the turbos for some time, but I was told that even stock turbos put us at the trans' limit. If our trans is the weak link, what are you gonna do when the engine overpowers it?


Jan 12, 2020
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I have been contemplating upgrading the turbos for some time, but I was told that even stock turbos put us at the trans' limit. If our trans is the weak link, what are you gonna do when the engine overpowers it?
Sourcing for a custom Torque converter and waiting on Helix to release the clutch plates so I can have all of those done at once. After that we'll address whatever breaks with better materials as it presents itself.