Mitch (SHO DOODmorris)

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Jul 31, 2002
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Triad Area, North Carolina.
I should have posted this months ago.

Long story Short, I sold Mitch a Nitrous kit and the transaction went well.

I bought the Nitrous kit back a few months later and then transaction was ...well Intresting.

I had showed Mitch interest in the kit and he agreed that installments were fine. I paid 300+ shipping for the kit and he had sent it to me before the balance was paid off.

The issues started when I had made him a payment of 100 bucks, For whatever reason Paypal had made TWO Payments. No problem, Mitch charged it back to me and all was well. Afterwords, Paypal had decided to YET AGAIN pull 100 dollars from my bank and send it to him. My Bank did not like this and initiated a chargeback pulling money From his account, Suspending both his and mine accounts. Long story short, We took care of it and all was well. But it was a flurry of Emails, Calls to paypal and my bank.

The point is, Mitch was a good sport thw whole time and very understanding and didnt complain once. It would have been a **** of a lot easier if I just sent him the whole balance at once and in the future I plan to do so. But thanks again Mitch for putting up with the all the BS.

If Mitch is selling somthing, Don't hesitate to buy as he is a great person to do buisness with.



Why do I do this to myself?
Jan 6, 2003
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Lewisville, TX
Agreed. I bought a throttle cable from him last fall and I got it within a couple of weeks, I think. He had to go back to the junk yard and pull it. Great guy.

Chirs K.