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If you've decided the time is right to sell your car, SHOForum offers a great way to reach hundreds of potential buyers. We can't offer any promises that your car will sell, but you'll find no larger audience of people on the internet that are interested in your car.

The classified areas of SHOForum are run on a donation basis to help defray the costs of software, hosting fees, upkeep, etc. that are associated with running a very large volume website. These donations help keep the forum free for all it's users.

Here's the steps you need to take to place an ad on SHOForum:

When you've decided to sell, select the proper forum in which to post your thread in.

SHO Trader is the place to sell a whole car, running or not.
The donation for a Trader section ad is $10.
An ad's life-span is 1 year from the original post date however the classified sections are pruned periodically now based on last post dates. If your ad has not been posted in for 3 months it will be considered non-active and it will be pruned. If a post is pruned due to non-activity you will need to donate again to re-list the car so keep your ad current! A bump post by the seller 1 time per 7 days is acceptable, but no more.

SHO Parts is the forum in which to sell individual parts.
The donation for a SHO Parts ad is $5 for 1-5 parts. If you have an abundance of parts to sell please contact me for information on an "unlimited" ad. With an unlimited ad you will be able to add many additional parts to the same thread without paying any additional fees. As with the Trader section, that section will also be pruned so keep your ad current. 3 months worth of non-activity and it will be pruned. If a thread is pruned due to non-activity you will need to donate again to list any more parts. A bump post by the seller 1 time per 7 days is acceptable, but no more.

SHO Parts cars is the forum where cars are parted.
The donation for a SHO Parts car is $15. In this section you can either list parts you have pulled already from a parts car or you can ask that people make requests for parts, or both. Non-activity posts, again, are pruned after 3 months like in the previous 2 sections so keep 'em current. A bump post by the seller 1 time per 7 days is acceptable, but no more.

Non-SHO Items for sale is pretty self explanatory, it's for all items that are not SHO parts or accessories. Sell whatever you want here. The donation for a Non-SHO Items ad is $5 for 1-5 items. Non-active threads will be pruned after 3 months of non-activity. (No surprise there.) Bump posts are also allowed here by the seller 1 time every 7 days.

How do I make a donation?

Donations can be made by Paypal or snail mail. The forum utilizes 2 different Paypal accounts. Please pay attention to which one you use, using the wrong one will only slow down the approval process.

First, go to, then select one of the following accounts:
(Note: Do not click on the account IDs below, they will not lead you to PayPal and provide the incorrect address.)

[email protected] takes any type of payment, including credit cards. It does get socked with the Paypal fees associated with a premier account. If you feel so inclined to cover those fees then feel free. It is not required that you do so, but IS appreciated. The fees that Paypal charges on a premier account is 2.9% of the total sent + $0.30 USD per transaction.

It should be noted that all Paypal donations should be made in USD.

If you require a mailing address that you can send a money order to please contact me for that address.

I realize that some people think that donations for ads is unfair. But before you get disgruntled about the donation keep in mind that each and every donation goes to the forum and helps to defray the costs I pay out every month to keep it running FREE of charge for all it's members. These are the only sections where there is a donation required for posting. Short of here you'll never see me ask for a cent of your hard earned money. For the target audience it's well worth the money spent and you won't reach a larger audience of people who are specifically looking for an SHO.

Information to include with your donation, and this is very important, is:
  • Your forum name (Mandatory because I do not know each of you by your real names. Sad, but true.)
  • The purpose of your classified. ie: What section your ad will be in and if possible, what the title of the thread is or will be. (Optional, but very helpful.)
These things will make it easier for me to identify you and your thread here on the forum. If you don't specify that the donation is for an ad I have no way of knowing whether it's for an ad or a greatly appreciated donation. In spite of the rumors, I am NOT a mind reader! I don't care what they say. :) the donation has been made. What's next?

Post up your ad in the proper section! :thumb:

Once the donation has been made feel free to post your ad up in the proper section. When the donation has been verified by me I will approve the thread for viewing by other members. Keep in mind that when you start a new thread that once you click the submit button you will no longer be able to view or edit the thread until the thread has been approved by me. I am the only person on the forum that will approve your thread. Please do not make multiple posts!

There can be as much as a 48 hour delay depending on my work schedule. Weekends are especially tough for me to get to all the ads but I do my best to go through any donations received and get ads approved as quickly as humanly possible, most of the time I get them all approved the same day.

If there is an urgency in getting your ad approved a.s.a.p. send me a PM. I will do my best to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

I think that about covers everything. If not and you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

A NOTE ABOUT NON-DELIVERY OF PARTS OR A REFUND: It should be noted that if a seller fails to follow through with a sale and either deliver the part(s) paid for or issue a refund that their ad in the classified area(s) will be terminated and the donation for the ad will be forfeited. Reversal of this will be at my discretion.
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