Gen3 dash light replacement

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May 28, 2016
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One of my dash lights just burned out last night. Has anyone done this replacement/upgrade? Does anyone have any pictures? The site below posts a blurry final pic, but the color looks a bit ******* the eyes. I was wondering what a white LED replacement would look like (not blue).

This has been written about on the V8sho website (delete the spaces to make the link work).

Ht tps://ww w.v8sho.c om/SHO/ m

From the post:
New 02/11/2005

I put blue LED replacement bulbs for the five 194s that light the
stock gage cluster. Also replaced the O/D, cruise, turn arrows and
high beam indicator's) with green LEDs.

I got the replacement bulb LEDs from ww m (remove spaces to make the link work)

For the 5 gen illumination bulbs get the WLED-5 Wide Angle LED bulb $
2.79. There are a variety of colors.

For the waring lights use the T1.5 Instrument LED bulb $ 1.79, also in
a variety of colors.

I also replaced the two map lights and used T13-B6 Blue LED bulb $
2.99, again with a variety of colors.

The lighted switches I got form Brad, babysho@ gmail for
~$60 (I think) with the exchange of my old switches. I feel these are
a bit too bright and he said he could easily substitute some dimmer

IIRC he also has a mod for the shifter light.