Clicking-slipping in Park

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Oct 8, 2009
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Sooooo been a while since I posted here . . . Dirty Girl's been sitting at my mom's place down the road for a while now since we already have 4 cars in our driveway (the HOA there isn't as snarky as where I live). Been dealing with a bad PS leak for a couple years that Doug thought he resolved - I told him it was the rack but apparently he saw the fluid in the valleys while resolving a bad vacuum leak/no start condition and just did the pump. I think it started after I got her back from a tow - I suspect either the tow dude or I put a bit too much on the unpowered PS system while wrenching steering wheel around and a seal on the rack just couldn't take it . . . too pricey to resolve at this point, as are the rear calipers and rear suspension that need new parts.

I was able to give her a good wash this weekend (after cleaning up the PS fluid mess that puddled up on tarp I've placed underneath). My days of doing the wash/clay bar/polish/wax are long gone, though the exterior is still pretty decent; something I attribute to having done the thorough cleaning in those initial years ('00-'14 or so). Sitting under a live oak without a car cover is something I've left unresolved for far too long. UV is an enemy . . . but so is pollen!

What I mostly wanted to ask about was how big a deal it is that putting the car in PARK doesn't keep it in place - on the slightly inclined driveway this weekend, it was making a clicking sound - definitely from the trans - and rolled back as if in neutral. The shifter position got a bit whacked during trans rebuild in 2010, and is still somewhat of an issue with starting the car - I often have to push it forward to start (neutral safety switch?), so that may be partly to blame. The UPSIDE is that the lifetime trans warranty should resolve things. I will probably give them some billable work along with it; the rear calipers and suspension may fit the bill. Other than that, she did bog down badly when I went WOT after a u-turn - reminiscent of the vacuum leak.


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Dec 15, 2015
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maybe make sure the positioning on the safety swithc is correct


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Jan 24, 2003
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The TRS sits on one end of a shaft which is rotated when the transmission shift cable position is changed.
The other end of that shaft inside the trans is the parking pawl.
I would check the tip on that pawl to see if it is stripped and not engaging the catches, so you here the car click as the parking pawl slips out of lock .

Have to pull the pan to inspect. :(

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