A couple of changes to take note of: "Gauging Interest" threads & the GB Section

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May 1, 2001
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Tonight I made a couple of changes on the forum. You'll probably notice that the group buy section now looks like a category. If you click on that link it will take you to a page where you see two new sections. One for gauging interest threads and the other for official group buys.

The "Gauging Interest" section is for posts that are trying to gain interest in products being offered. It is not intended for posting to find out if someone would be interested in buying your car. This section will be moderated, meaning that no posts will be viewable by the public until I approve it. I, and I alone, have the ability to approve threads in that section.

The exception to this rule is if you are already a forum sponsor. No contact is required but the post will still have to be approved. Unfortunately I can't change how the software is written so it's all or nuffin'.

The reason why is because our community is growing pretty quickly these days and along with that growth comes scams. I can't always predict the outcome of buys here on the forum but I do try to be at the front line to thwart the efforts of scam artists.

In order to get a post approved in the gauging interest section the person who is organizing, or thinking of organizing a group buy, must contact me personally to discuss the products, terms, etc. Hopefully this way people will be more encouraged to follow through if they do get enough interest in their product(s). It's all about communication.

So, from now on Gauging interest threads will only be allowed in the Gauging Interest section. If they are posted in any other section the posts will be promptly removed with or without notice to the thread starter.
(Mods, preferably with notice if you would please.)

The group buy section is as it always has been. It's just grouped together with the gauging interest section.

That is all. Have a great night everybody! :wave:
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