2021 Convention Item Closeout

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Feb 25, 2001
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Lake Orion, MI
The 29th National SHO Convention is over and was a great success!

We have Convention items left, On Sale! Note that the items Include Shipping.

Go to: https://www.shoclubofamerica.com/ and the Tab 2021 Convention Closeout

Convention Tees Orders (limited sizes available) will include, including Shipping, for $35.00:
Dash Plaque for the 1st 7 orders
Two Convention Koozies (Blue & Red)
Two Convention Pens
Hey, we have XL sizes! Buy one for your partner as a night shirt!

Convention Koozies, 2 (Blue & Red) with 2 pens: $15.00 including Shipping.

Individual Pen & Koozie order. Add $8.00 for Shipping:
$1.00 per pen
$3.00 per koozie (choose Blue or Red)

Convention Hats (fully embroidered with 25k+ stitches! Only 2 left): $35.00 including Shipping

29th National SHO Convention Award Plaques. Only 2 left! $35 including Shipping.
Use as a frame for one of your Convention pictures.


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