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  1. Husky

    Need To Do Valve Guides

    Appreciate the heads up and the correction. You're right, I need the seals. I think. I'm burning a massive amount of oil after engine braking. I'm thinking either valve seals or rings, so I'll try the seals, and if that doesn't fix it I'll start getting my 3.2 ready to go in.
  2. Husky

    Need To Do Valve Guides

    I need to do the valve guides in my 90. Does anybody have the specialty tools required that I could borrow for a day, or should I start shopping around?
  3. Husky

    Gauge Faces

    LOL okay. Sorry, I haven't been doing much texting lately.
  4. Husky

    Gauge Faces

    Clay, you ever find these? I'll trade you for [insert part you need here]
  5. Husky

    Gauge Faces

    Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the four gauges? Or better yet, have a digital image(scan or digital creation) of the gauge faces? I want to try a little experiment, but I don't want to tear my cluster apart to scan the gauges in unless I have to.
  6. Husky

    Round(er) Button EATC mod

    Thanks guys. I just soldered the softbutton faceplate back on, and everything worked. I thought any of the roundbuttons out of those cars were okay, you just had to put up with the mislabeled buttons. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for the correct ones, and I guess I'll just put up with the...
  7. Husky

    Round(er) Button EATC mod

    Just got done doing the roundbutton EATC mod, used the roundbutton out of a 1998 Crown Vic and the softbutton from a 1994 SHO. I verified that the softbutton worked before I tore it apart, didn't have the option to do the same with the roundbutton. Now, I'm done with the mod, I double-checked...
  8. Husky

    EATC/Heat problems

    Bad EATC, never mind. Buying a Panther EATC to do that swap tomorrow.
  9. Husky

    EATC/Heat problems

    Also, at the signal wire from the EATC to the blower motor speed control(we think), a tan/orange wire, clay gets varying voltages when he adjusts his EATC fan speed control, whereas I get the same voltage(battery) regardless of where I adjust mine to.
  10. Husky

    EATC/Heat problems

    To add to this, I'm on the phone with Clay(zblackbeast) and he's checking some stuff... At his blower motor connector(2 wire, one orange/red and one brown/orange) with the blower motor connected, he gets 12 volts at both wires with the EATC off, with the blower on HI , he gets 1.3 volts on the...
  11. Husky

    Air Bag Module/light

    Yeah, the airbag module on my 1990(or at least the chime/light box) is right under the glovebox.
  12. Husky

    EATC/Heat problems

    When I bought my 1990 SHO, I didn't get an EATC with the car. I went down to the junkyard and bought what I thought was a good EATC out of a 1995 Lincoln. I got home, plugged it in, and everything is working correctly EXCEPT the blower motor. I've been on the phone with one of my SHO buddies for...
  13. Husky

    Just got my SHO back on the road, couple issues.

    Did a KOEO test and this is what I came up with; 116: Coolant temp higher or lower than expected 126: Cylinder identification circuit failure 114: Intake air temp higher or lower than expected 542: Fuel pump circuit open-PCM to motor ground This is my first Ford that doesn't have a...
  14. Husky


    Need an EATC for my 1990 asap. Anyone got one laying around?
  15. Husky

    what are people,running for snow tires?

    I ran Bridgestone Blizzaks on my BMW, and that car might as well have had tank treads instead of tires on snow. It got around better than my 4x4 with brand new all-seasons. I'm definitely a huge fan of the Blizzak, I know it's a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it in my experience.
  16. Husky

    GOD I hate Firestone Complete Auto Care

    At least they're still honoring your lifetime alignment. Tires plus stopped honoring mine the second I couldnt bring in the original receipt. Just take it to a different Firestone tomorrow.

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