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  1. Kziemer

    Quaife Differentials Gen 1&2

    Original post has been modified to show updated information and explanation.
  2. Kziemer

    Quaife Differentials Gen 1&2

    All orders have to be paid for and submitted to me no later than Oct 15th. 2021. Less than 1 month to go before I close the group buy and submit our purchase to Quaife. $870 per unit shipped in the USA.
  3. Kziemer

    Quaife Differentials Gen 1&2

    QUAIFE UPDATE Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be waiting till AFTER the convention to finalize the Quaife group order along with collecting payment from everyone. My tentative plan is to have all funds sent to me via Paypal by no later than Oct 15th, which is roughly 30days after...
  4. Kziemer

    Quaife Differentials Gen 1&2

    **SHO Quaife Group Purchase** I have been in contact with Quaife out of the U.K. They have agreed to make another production batch of ATB Helical LSD front differentials for our MTX4 Transmissions. This is an extremely rare opportunity to purchase an upgrade that is sought after to prevent diff...
  5. Kziemer

    A forum still exists...?

    Hi yall. Kevin Ziemer from Appleton WI. Havent been on the forum in YEARS..... Thought id stop in and say HI. Ive had my 89 that i bought from chad about 2 years ago, and just picked up my newest addition, a Rose Mist :D

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