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    New Reproduction Spark Plug Wire Clips for 3.0L/3.2L SHO V6

    I'd be interested in 2 sets myself.
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    Engine Bay Decals

    Thanks Irish, sent him a message already. Hopefully I get dome positive news.
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    Engine Bay Decals

    I know this is a very old thread, and most are probably on Facebook or some chat group. So my 95 MTX California emission non EGR label is missing. Dont know where I put it, and need to smog it. So I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I would like to get all the slabels. Belt diagram, AC...
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    Joe_sho build thread

    That's one clean valve cover.
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    Hose Hunt

    Thats the A/C Accumulator hose. 1989-1993 Everco #4242 1994-1995 Four seasons #55641 89-93 SHO's have the fitting for R12 and the 94-95 have R134 Fittings I may be wrong but some 1993 sho's may have had 134 from the factory and not r12. I know my old 93 taurus GL had R12
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    Land Speed Racer

    Welcome the forum Larry. My local machine shop guy (Joe) runs a yellow car at the Bonneville salt flats, Tracer Racer. He ran 250+ mph all motor. Its a 3.0L and made 490+ HP at the crank. I think he lost the record, and now wants to use the SHO V8, shorten the stroke to 3L. He also said...
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    Main bearings

    I was talking to a friend that has a machine shop, one of his suppliers is working on making the rod bearings for the SHO. They already make head gaskets that sell for $60. They are hoping to get a batch done in the next few months.
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    SHOcal dead? Norcal prospect.

    like Matt said we are here. Btw Im in the modesto area.
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    Who's the Wet Sanding Expert?

    Just have a professional do it. I was a prepper for 4 years and a painter for 5 years. What I'm suggesting is from experience. I would suggest you go back to the same place where it was painted and have the painter or the prepper color sand and buff your new finish. Some clears are easier...
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    Another SHO died

    Actually they want $1560 or about 24% of what the car was worth before the accident (It was appraised at the low side of $6500 high $7200) I think $1560 is a bit high for a buy back. I was hoping for $200 maybe $400. I guess a trip to the auction house is in order. Its dealers only and I should...
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    Another SHO died

    Its in very good shape, minus the damaged area, I just don't want to deal with it. I will be missed, had great trips in that car, but I have a 95MTX and a 91+ (Project 195) that will be getting a jump start with the money from the accident.
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    Another SHO died

    That was a spare I found at pick and pull. Yours is sitting on project 195. I will keep an eye out at the local yards for the car, and if its found I will get the springs for you Matt. I doubt its worth the hassle for me to keep it. Like I said, I got in contact with Mike at SHOSource and he...
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    Another SHO died

    Maybe, was it packed real tight with news paper?
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    Another SHO died

    It does seem like SHO's are dropping like flies. But hey, the value or at least the rarity of the GEN III just went up. Maybe the airbags deployed because it was not a 100% side impact. From the drivers seat it looked like he was coming in from the 1:30 maybe 2 o'clock position. It felt very...
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    Another SHO died

    Well my 98 SHO was totaled yesterday morning. Got hit while making a left turn. The guy ran a red light, you fill in the blanks. It was just myself in the car, glad my kids were not in there. Nobody was was hurt, I'm just a little sore. The other driver was running late and didn't see the red...
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    brake pedal to the floor off and on

    Glad you got it taken care of Randy, told you it was an easy job. All you need to do now is, replace the racing slicks you have out back.
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    Random thoughts on my new V8 SHO...

    Congratulations on your purchase. The V8 SHO may not be as quick as an MTX GEN I or II, but it sure makes up for it in other ways. Rigidity of the body, Ride quality, fit and finish in the interior, and most of all the V8 exhaust rumble. My 98 has had a best of 30 MPG on hwy cruising at...
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    reasons not to ignore chirping noises from the front wheel...

    Glad you got it back together Randall, now its just a matter of passing the smog test. Let me know if I could be of any help to you.
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    Teaser. . . . .

    X2 I hope that if they are sold down the road they wont cost $1k a set. They look great by the way.
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    Bilstein Struts

    I might be interested in them too. Depending on how stiff, will they be adjustable, and spring rate suggestion. What kind of warranty? Price range seems good it they are similar to tokico's or koni's.

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