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  1. Kevin81

    Best brakes?

    Good brakes are noisy.
  2. Kevin81

    outside door trim

    Mine made an awful buzzing sound past 80mph. Fixed it with gorilla glue.
  3. Kevin81

    Proud new owner of a 2013 SHO

    Welcome to the club! Set some money aside for speeding tickets!
  4. Kevin81

    2015 sho coolent temp climbing

    Hmmm. We got us a medical mystery, then. Does it get hotter faster under load, like an uphill climb, etc? I mean, the t stat could be faulty, getting stuck...but I think they're all fail safe, these, you'd have erratic heat.
  5. Kevin81

    Does Anyone else's Gen 4 eat tires?

    Based on the pic, that's negative camber. That it's happening on only 1 corners means that either, you've got something worn in the suspension (bushing), OR, at some point, you hammered a pothole or something, and knocked the alignment out ever so slightly. Especially if you hit the same spot...
  6. Kevin81


    Well....this was NOT about what I thought it was going to be about. Trannies and closed holes...
  7. Kevin81

    Abnormal seat wear?

    I somehow cracked the plastic cover on the side of the seat that goes over the seat controls. I'm guessing cuz I'm 260lbs. And when I get in and out, I turn sideways, which puts my weight over that plastic.
  8. Kevin81

    Front brakes sticking after few miles

    What do you mean by sticking? They intermittently grab, or they get stuck applying constant braking? Both front rotors get red hot? They wouldn't get hot only in one spot. Does your car have adaptive cruise control? It's the only other system that could affect the brakes.
  9. Kevin81

    2015 sho coolent temp climbing

    Coolant level is good? Here's my I experienced this as wasn't burped properly when that t stat was done, and the increased vibration of the more solid mounts has helped a bubble up through your cooling system. Check your coolant level.
  10. Kevin81

    Front Suspension Issue

    And we have a winner! Finally broke down and took it to the Ford dealership...been meaning to do it anyway, wanted to see if there were any recalls and possibly get a service history on it. And it was the upper strut mounts. Replacement set me back 900$. Yikes. Also, though, the tech said...
  11. Kevin81

    Looking at a 2013-2014 SHO to purchase

    Got it. I guess that makes since...what good is radar with lane assist, right?
  12. Kevin81

    Front Suspension Issue

    Just took it for a drive, and the clunk sounds don't happen over bumps, so much as dips. Also, if I go hard enough left to right, I can get a clunk that way as well.
  13. Kevin81

    Front Suspension Issue

    Ok, I went through every nut on both sides of the suspension, locked in tight. No missing overly worn bushings. Torque mounts are tight. Motor mounts? But I feel if they go, I'd feel the engine buck under hard acceleration.
  14. Kevin81

    Ideas that were maybe bad

    That drag wing wouldn't be terrible if it were black. How difficult was it getting the old spoiler off?
  15. Kevin81

    No progress this year...

    Those look pretty sick... AND they're functional? How idiot proof is the install. It says it comes with a stencel...which means cutting. With what, a Dremil? Never done anything like that before.
  16. Kevin81

    Looking at a 2013-2014 SHO to purchase

    Congratulations! Change that ptu oil, and start working several quarts of trans fluid out and in.
  17. Kevin81

    Looking at a 2013-2014 SHO to purchase

    The little invention is a sensor for lane assist, and such... Also located in the rear. These buttons are for the rear shade, parking assist (auto park, which I have never mustered the courage to use), and lane assist (which I deactivated because I disliked the feedback it gives me in the...
  18. Kevin81

    Front Suspension Issue

    So now if I go over a bump, wouldn't that cause some noise? The spring moving around while load is removed from the strut?
  19. Kevin81

    No progress this year...

    Hood louvers, you say? How are they installed? Are they cut outs?
  20. Kevin81

    Front Suspension Issue

    Next thing I gotta check then are the AD torque mounts...that's the only thing I've touched this year.

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