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    Cooling Hoses NA - All of them?

    Understood and thank you again! I did find one at Amazon already too. . . .
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    Cooling Hoses NA - All of them?

    Thank you for the quick answer as I do like Rock Auto and don't like Amazon! I will see if RA can help. . . .
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    Cooling Hoses NA - All of them?

    I have a 2013 MKS Eco-Boost and am very grateful for this forum! Learned so much and have changed all the fluids over and over which I hope will prevent some problems in the future. I need some cooling hoses but they ALL appear to be NLA?? How can Ford just stop producing parts like these since...
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    Why is my steering wheel squealing?

    Thanks much! So the SIR takes the place of the clock spring? Or it's just a different name? . . .
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    cold air inlet tube

    Are you sure it's not available? FordPartsGiant shows it for $175? Hose Tasca also shows it? Might not be in stock? SHO Hose On Ebay too but at a higher cost . . .
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    Why is my steering wheel squealing?

    What's an SIR coil? Have not heard that term before. . . .
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    Actual issue or am i just doing too much? (Forscan)

    Do you have any problems with the car? Not sure what your looking for? I would put more time into driving and less into looking for problems. . . .
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    MKS temp gauge.

    I think he is right? Many late model cars are a pain to bleed. But the vacuum filler does a great job. One and done. No air pockets. . . .
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    MKS temp gauge.

    Actually the correct tool is to use a vacuum re-filler. Then no burping is needed. I just got one and it makes all the difference in the world. I don't know why I waited so long to get one as they are not very expensive either. . . .
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    MKS temp gauge.

    Even with bleeding maybe you still have air in the system? Just a guess. Drive it some more and put it thru several hot/cool cycles so see if that helps? . . .
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    0 compression , exhaust valve leaking

    My borescope came with several different end pieces. One of them was a mirror mounted at a 45 degree angle. That allows the borescope to see at right angles to the camera body. . . .
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    Yet another PTU thread...some history

    You live in the south? . . .
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    New and bought 2013 SHO

    Good job on changing the transmission fluid but one thing this forum taught me is CHANGE ALL YOUR FLUIDS! Transmission, PTU (Times 2 on this one!) and the RDU. Cheapest insurance you will EVER purchase! . . .
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    2016 sho drivers seat outer cover for seat controls

    I had part number 5 break on my 2013 MKS. From the same thing? Drivers weight caused cushion to put force on the plastic side cover. Eventually causing the plastic to break and the cover to become loose. After replacing it so far it's been fine. . . .
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    2013 SHO - Cam Phaser Replacement?

    All good advice and one other tip is I have found Lincoln dealers seem to have more experience with Eco-Boost stuff than mainline Ford dealers. . . .
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    2014 SHO Owner

    Have you changed fluids? That is the number 1 thing I learned on this forum. PTU, RDU, Transmission. My 2013 MKS has 91K on it and I have changed the PTU fluid at least 4 times so far. Now the fluid comes out a nice honey color instead of the horrible black sludge that it started out with! . . .
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    2013 SHO - Cam Phaser Replacement?

    Did the shop that did all that work EVER work on an SHO before? Maybe they are learning on your car? . . .
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    6.5 speakers fit in door?

    One additional suggestion? Make sure you have at least 10 or so of the door panel push pins. As posted above pretty common to break especially with the age of the plastic. They are really needed as those plastic door cards do creak and squeak so get them as tight as possible. I would fix the...
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    The 1 millionth complaint about PTUs - how bad is mine?

    Yea I should do that mod too. It's a good one. . . .
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    The 1 millionth complaint about PTUs - how bad is mine?

    Hey be glad you have a drain plug with a magnet!! The rest of us have to use the crappy fill hole and suck out what we can from there. So we don't even know if there are any metal shavings in the PTU! I follow the advice on this list and have 90K on the stock PTU (2013 MKS EB). About 5 fluid...

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