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    New toSHO scene

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    Help Me Identify These Wiring Clips

    the connector on the right side would be the one you are asking about...
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    Help Me Identify These Wiring Clips

    the first picture is the connectors you plug into a code reader or you can use a wire to jumper the pins together.
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    Im New

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    1992 SHO clutch replacement

    There is a picture link next to the word document. luigisho also posted links that have pictures of it as well. Look at his post above
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    1992 SHO clutch replacement

    On the Shonut website, the clutch video page had a link from Nick on how to build the engine brace
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    1992 SHO clutch replacement

    You could inquire if he has it available in a different format
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    1992 SHO clutch replacement
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    1992 SHO clutch replacement

    Shonut made a cd, you would need to see if they are still available. If you search on this forum, I recall seeing some written instructions, but no pictures
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    *NEW* Yamaha Wrench Turner :p

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    Radiator hose clamps
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    1991 SHO Plus. New Member!

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    8K Mile 1991 Ford SHO (+ 2 SHO Parts Cars)

    track car? :)
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    New member in Illinois

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    Silver 93 ATX on BAT it has the Shosource Road Ripper 1000 transmission rebuild, I wondered if anyone ever bought that option
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    Need a steering column, clock spring and windshield washer bottle.

    on my 92 SHO, the rack is non VAP steering and my 94 MTX/ATX has VAP steering. Shosource has a picture of the two different racks.
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    Issue starting and stall at high rpm

    Pull your codes and report back, you should have three digit codes for a 1992 car
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    90 with 18k

    13K, I would expect that price for a non-hail damaged car and not needing additional work.
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    New Member


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