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    Who is still out there?

    I moved out of state in 2010 but I still lurk the section. I think most of the folks still around no longer have SHOs. zblackbeast (clay) now SHO less moved back recently, jthod no longer owns a SHO, and yamahaSHO is also SHO less. I think Paul (NebraskaSHO) is out of the SHO game as well and...
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    Decent turbo

    you're looking at at least 3k on the very low side to add a turbo. tuning, injectors, fuel pump, MAF, and charge cooling will set you back at least a grand. figure at least 700 for a turbo that isn't an HX35 or undersized and then figure another thousand to spend on pipes and other odds and...
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    tach falling to zero

    check the wiring for the cam sensor
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    250whp 220ftlbs Blue Turd stock tune dyno

    dynojet or mustand dyno? 437 on a bad tune, no secondaries, pump gas and a mile high in elevation:wave: care to take a bet on denser air, a better tune, secondaries and E85?
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    250whp 220ftlbs Blue Turd stock tune dyno

    with the way the stock lines are run it's kinda hard for gas in meaningful quantities to find a sufficient heat source if they spring a leak.
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    250whp 220ftlbs Blue Turd stock tune dyno

    I had a pretty serious fuel leak in my 93 when my PS pulley chewed through the return line and caused me to leak over half a tank into my engine bay during about an eight mile drive. Nothing caught fire.
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    250whp 220ftlbs Blue Turd stock tune dyno

    It's more because the injectors can't flow enough and the engine can't correct for it. yeah, those of us who have tried it: I don't think any of us said that... Obvious statement is obvious... I think Sackary is thinking of it as cheap race gas. to be able to fill your car with 100+...
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    250whp 220ftlbs Blue Turd stock tune dyno

    proof of ownership and mods for the cars in your sig or you're full of shit.:munch: People overstate the corrosiveness of E85. I've had E85 in the tank of my 95 for a few years and the guy I bought the car from let a portion of the stock fuel line soak in E-85 over the winter and it showed no...
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    What could be the possible leak?

    if you understand the concept of gravity then finding a leak is pretty easy. start from the bottom of the motor and then follow the trail upward until it stops.
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    Issues on the road to Texas

    quick way to test the fan is take a lead off of the battery and another to ground from the connector and see if the fan kicks on. but judging by bumping it making it kick on it's probably a relay or wiring. the gauge has its own feed and another coolant temp sensor should be responsible for...
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    Anyone still have an SHO?

    I have three
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    8 lb flywheel

    I fail to see the connection between a lighter flywheel and the car wanting to come out of gear.
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    SESHO roll call

    Shreveport/Bossier City area.
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    SESHO roll call

    I guess I'm back in the SESHO fold. Moved to Loserana(Louisiana) last month from Cali.
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    Subframe Rusted out

    best bet would probably be a junkyard. you might want to get a rust free one sourced from a southern state if you're planning to get/keep the car rust free.
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    Time for new tires?

    I have Yokohama Avid Envigors on my 93 and they're a great tire.
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    Clutch Replacement Gone Awry

    put in the new clutch kit, revised TOB and SHO Source cable bushing. One of the three or a mix of the three did the job as the car is now once more ready to lower property values. I knew it was good as soon as I pushed in my clutch and felt it 'break' when the pedal was getting close to the floor.
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    Clutch Replacement Gone Awry

    I didn't grab any pictures of the new kit but it had six springs and Luk markings. the friction material was stamped Valeo though... The previous new disk was a complete Valeo unit because it had four springs. It looks like the old clutch was a Valeo as well due to the spring count. I'm...
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    Clutch Replacement Gone Awry

    so I picked up a Sach's branded clutch kit today that came with a Luk clutch disc and a Valeo pressure plate. Interesting...
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    Clutch Replacement Gone Awry

    correct. the other thing that I noticed was that it was a lot harder to get the trans out of the car this time around but I also removed it with the driveline in the car this time