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  1. Bizzy

    how remove axle seal?

    Yeah, that or you can also take and put a prybar on the inside lip of the seal and pop it out. That way you don't risk damaging the case surfaces. If you scratch the case lightly don't freak out, just use a little anaerobic sealant on the seal, it pays to do this anyway whether you scratch the...
  2. Bizzy


    I am so sorry it has taken so long. It's a new year and I intend on being a more active and responsive webmaster. 10 years? Well, yeah, I guess it could be that long since I bought the forum in 2003. :bonk: Gosh it doesn't seem that long ago, does it?
  3. Bizzy


    Welcome to your new section SESHO members. :)
  4. Bizzy

    S/C and Built Engine For Sale...

    Bam! :woo-hoo:
  5. Bizzy

    Huntervf's Red/Black 93 finally saying goodbye

    Yeah, that's a no can do for me unfortunately. Tomorrow's going to be super busy trying to get everything ready for the trip Wednesday. We're planning on leaving around 3 a.m. Wednesday. Too bad, I wish I could have helped. :frown:
  6. Bizzy

    Huntervf's Red/Black 93 finally saying goodbye

    Who's in Jersey that wants the spoiler? I'm headed there Wednesday this week. My grandson is having surgery so I wouldn't be able to deliver door to door, but I could at least get it to the state.
  7. Bizzy

    New thermostat install

    Quite easy. It's on the driver's side underneath the throttle body. Just follow the upper radiator hose to the t-stat housing. You'll want to remove the TB cover and TB so you have easier access to the bolts that hold it in place. The TB can be taken off as a whole assembly (with cables...
  8. Bizzy

    Sig line not displaying

    :thankyou: for fielding the question for me guys.
  9. Bizzy

    2 SHOs for sale. Package deal $3500. Pics soon.

    Are these Brian's cars? If they are I'm concerned that some of the parts could have been possibly already sold by him. If my memory serves me, and I believe that it does, he had begun to part those cars out when SHOBros was coming to an end and then the shit fest started when parts didn't get...
  10. Bizzy

    Chat sponsor?

    Uhhh.......No, I don't think so. Some how I doubt he'll lock this given that I've replied. :angelnot:
  11. Bizzy

    This forum requires that you wait

    Now now boys. I don't remember who it was, at this point it doesn't really matter. And no, the value isn't going to change any time soon. Just as an FYI, the time limitations are really meant to hinder malicious spiders and/or spammers that might get past the system checks. The search...
  12. Bizzy

    Email ban

    Alright....let me get some coffee. Then I'll take care of some business. :) The messages I could find for email address changes have been changed. If you want/need yours to be changed and it hasn't been done already please PM me the new email address. I will do my utmostest to not fall as...
  13. Bizzy


    You need help in that department? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! :biggrin: :scared:
  14. Bizzy


    Not sure, it may be there. What purpose would it serve?
  15. Bizzy

    GLSS Meet Toledo 7/30/11 (OFFICIAL!)

    I snapped that pic when someone mentioned one pair of socks was ribbed to which I replied, "Ribbed for her pleasure!" See, I can make funnies still! :rofl:
  16. Bizzy

    GLSS Meet Toledo 7/30/11 (OFFICIAL!)

    Ha! :rofl: I was gonna get pics but the guys wouldn't get in the water!!!!! The best I could do for ya is their matching socks. :snicker:
  17. Bizzy

    SHO Bellhousing Fundraiser

    Just wanted to say a much belated thank you! :thankyou: :hail:
  18. Bizzy

    GLSS Meet Toledo 7/30/11 (OFFICIAL!)

    Awesome pics! I'm so glad you made it home safely. I was about to offer up my couch for you to sleep on when you said you were going to crash over at Josh's house. You looked so tired. It was just as well, you were closer to home there and besides that, my couch isn't that comfortable to...
  19. Bizzy

    GLSS Meet Toledo 7/30/11 (OFFICIAL!)

    Ah, no worries! I had a great time! I wish I didn't look like I had just come out of the river, which of course, I had. :rofl: It was great to see you all, I do hope that we can do it again sometime soon! Next time I promise to not run out of propane for the grill. :wave:

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