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    Help! Turned off car but only engine stopped all power stll on cant restart.

    check codes, several prevent restart. if it does not crank, it could also be needing a new fob battery or new fob altogether. does it work with key in passive slot in center console?
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    95 Green ATX on BAT

    looks like a nice specimen 2 areas of concern: Accident reported Vehicle involved in a sideswipe collision with another motor vehicle Damage to left rear Disabling damage reported Estimated...
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    Lost a lot of pink watery fluid, drivers side

    i guess it must be fluid filled? or is there damage to the transmission itself. hoping for a quick and cheap resolution. wonder if the mount is oem or aftermarket. check torque strut also.
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    Dream car: Lamborghini, Porsche, or . . . ?

    loved and lost 92 mtx 95 atx never really had a dream car otherwise.
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    also possible for the pcv valve to play into this. ford tsb remedy was a new valve cover.,496.msg78981.html#msg78981
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    Hi everyone! New owner: 2018 Taurus SHO Black [WA]

    welcome, and thank you for taking the plunge into american muscle! would advise maintenance as a top priority - replace ALL fluids - install spark plugs - oem is fine if not planning to hot rod it @SM105K has a full thread on maintenance you could benefit from. consider an extended ford...
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    possibly buying a 2010 or 2011 sho..questions

    well ... the rear turbo / bank 1 is the harder one to reach. estimated shop labor is 6-8 hours. front one is 2 hours. if you have to do timing work/water pump, that is approx 14 hours book time. steering rack has always been a time consuming job no matter the model or year. if 1 fuel injector...
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    Shaky rotors and squeaky brakes after less than 20k miles?!

    brakes are a wear item. the harder u are on them, the more u will need to maintain them and/or replace parts. did you bed the pads in? did you maintenance the calipers when you replaced rotors and pads? yes, brake fluid is an oft ignored maintenance item, because there is no service interval...
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    Acceleration shudder over 80

    model year, mileage? if felt in the cabin area under the seats, it could be driveshaft if at cruise and shudder is experienced it could be torque converter. what is the transmission fluid maintenance history?
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    Tips for High Mileage 2014 Purchase?

    any maintenance/upkeep history provided with the vehicle? the fact that the seller has so little idea about the vehicle is not an encouraging sign. could be good could be bad. go into it assuming you will need a replacement powertrain (engine/trans/ptu/rdu/etc) and price accordingly. you wont...
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    Gen4 SHO PP recommended fluids thread:

    if you want more boutique engine oil, i have found redline (not the new pro series) to do well. basically thicker viscosity is better given a certain oil weight. also have found driven's oils quite good. but their offerings are limited. fr20 for 5w20 and ls30 for 5w30. fr20 is what i have used...
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    High LTFT Both Banks Idle/Under Load

    have you returned to stock and checked?
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    2010 on Bring a Trailer Location: Norwood, Colorado 81423 Listing Details Chassis: 1FAHP2KT5AG110669 99k Miles Twin-Turbocharged 3.5-Liter EcoBoost V6 Six-Speed Automatic Transmission All-Wheel Drive Tuxedo Black...
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    17 SHO FOB problems

    have you checked the vehicle battery? miscellaneous electrical gremlins can be traced back to a weak/dying battery. check voltage and cold cranking amps. the antennas usually do not malfunction, but the rke module sometimes can. check for any stored codes using a scanner that can read the ms...
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    Brakes and Rotors

    sizes are the same. it is the calipers and pads that make the difference. compare with interceptor...
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    2012 MKS Ecoboost - 0 Boost PSI, P0299

    check the hoses connected to the wastegate controller, located atop the manifold. ford doesnt clamp them, dont know if lincolns are the same or not. unusual to see 2 turbos fail together, but check the c-clips on the wastegate actuator rods on the turbos.
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    Starting issues

    what year is your sho? lpfp, fpcm, or hpfp are usually suspect if the problem is only related to fuel pressure. sometimes the cam follower breaks, or the fuel line to the hpfp leaks. much rarer statistically.
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    Multiple injector issues, looks like I need replacements. Stock, DW, or XDI?

    if you are going for an all out build then yes pumps and injector upgrades are an asset. if not, you would do fine with e + m on stock equipment. you should obviously have it tuned, and your tuner can best advise you what to run in your sho based on your goals.

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