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  1. SV&HOdan

    89-91 front bumper impact bar (plastic behind cover) needed.

    ...not sure if the fogs and cornering lights are still on that assembly. I will check later...
  2. SV&HOdan

    89-91 front bumper impact bar (plastic behind cover) needed.

    HI, I just saw the text you sent yesterday about a rebar. All I could find is one complete gen1 bumper assembly in white. That lower middle section that always get wrecked has some damage but the inner bumper looks intact. $75 for the whole thing if you arrange shipping/pickup. I used to be...
  3. SV&HOdan

    Trunk Lid Spoiler

    Daryl, I have gen2 spoilers if you decide to go that route. Not that different from the 91 plus versions. If ever you find yourself in Squirrel Hill, stop by. tons of sho parts in my basement and garage. dan
  4. SV&HOdan

    Need Gen 2 stock catalytic convertors that will pass CA/NY/CO emissions

    I have a used stock mtx catalytic converter assembly in Pittsburgh. dan ([email protected])
  5. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    ...from the description of the repair from the receipt: "...Had to remove ash tray and some trim to get to module for testing. It appears that someone has done some bypassing or tapping in wires for a possible old remote start. One of these wires came unclipped. Put the wire back and it runs."
  6. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    "...on the road again..." loose wire to blame, Kudos to Murray Electric!
  7. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    ...Whatever system would be on a 96 GL wagon I'm assuming. Were there PATS variants?
  8. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    Something like this always seems to happen just before the Carlisle meet. If I cant take the wagon, think I'll pass on it this year.
  9. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    Will be towed tomorrow to Murray Auto Electric in Greensburg PA. The guy on the phone welcomed the challenge. The shop has a good reputation.
  10. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    Definitely electrical in nature. I'm not giving up and will do some scouting around for a shop that is willing to take on a challenge like this. RATS!
  11. SV&HOdan

    SHOwagon Blues...

    Schultz Ford has thrown in the towel. Three times in the past they found the problem (car runs for a second, then shuts down): once a bad ground at the battery, once they replaced the ccrm, and once they found another bad ground but wouldnt tell me the location. This time they had the car for...
  12. SV&HOdan

    Emc problems

    I have harnesses from a '90 if you end up needing connectors, etc.
  13. SV&HOdan

    New guy

    Hi, Nice find! I still have a lot of gen1 parts laying around once you discover what your needs are. Have fun, dan ([email protected])
  14. SV&HOdan

    WTB: NOS 1st GEN tail lights and rubber pad for front storage cubby

    I have a pad...part number E8Db-5413586-AA. its slightly trapezoidal and measures roughly 8in by 9in. $15 shipped if its what u need.
  15. SV&HOdan

    ...A pair of '90's

    gone,gone, gone
  16. SV&HOdan

    WTB: 1st/2nd Gen Intake manifold

    hi, I have one in Pittsburgh. mtx. couldnt locate the crossover that holds the DIS but I should have one out in the garage and can check tomorrow. $60 + shipping if complete and if you're interested. thanks, dan ([email protected])
  17. SV&HOdan

    3.2 pistons?

    The set of 6 that I have are marked KOA so I think they are 3.0
  18. SV&HOdan

    3.2 pistons?

    I may have a set. KOA or KOB or ...??
  19. SV&HOdan

    I need a trans boss brace

    any chance of a picture?

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