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  1. whiteman_01

    96 v8 mtx, random no start, no spark.

    Well, its done it to me twice now since ive owned it, and left me stranded the second time. It will start, run, and drive perfect until it happens. You go to start it and nothing, just cranks, the first time i came back to it about 3 hours later and it fired right up. The second, i had it towed...
  2. whiteman_01

    Sachs sarc struts

    Looking for new rear stuts for the 96 and came across the sach version of the sarc struts. Anyone ever use them? Is there something else i should be looking at? The car has eibach springs on it now, which I would like to keep.
  3. whiteman_01

    New post question

    I just have a question about viewing new posts. On another forum i belong to, if you have previously viewed a thread, and there are new posts in that thread, when you clink on the main thread link, it will take you to the first new post in that thread since your last visit. Is this something...
  4. whiteman_01

    odd clutch issue...

    I was driving the sho to close on our new house today. After dropping our youngest off at the sitters, i had pretty much no clutch. Could not get 1st or reverse while stopped, but would go in 1st if rolling. While sitting at a stop light, i had to hold the brakes otherwise the car would pull...
  5. whiteman_01

    Colgan custom bra

    Got it. Thanks Dan!
  6. whiteman_01

    north shore

    I would like to make a trip to the north shore in the next few weeks to see the color change and gooseburry falls. Also, I need a drive through jay cooke again. Would anyone be interested in this? Even if we just went to jay cooke for the day.
  7. whiteman_01

    Rear end seems to side step over bumps

    Hey guys, i had my sho dyno'd a few months ago and there seems to be an issue now. While driving, of course, if you hit a bump with the rear pass tire, the car seems to side step to the right. Also, since then, there is a hollow clunk out of the same corner. It almost sounds like the...
  8. whiteman_01

    Cobra Wheels

    I have a set of nice Cobra wheels for sale. They are all original ford wheels, with kumho tires. The tires are ok, they are all worn on the inside edge. The wheels are 17x7 with a 38mm offset, tires are 245/45/17. They fit on my sho, with a finger between the endlink stud and the sidewall...
  9. whiteman_01

    A plethra of pics for your viewing pleasure.

    Well, i just got done uploading the pics from tonight. There are 187 of them, and i just uploaded everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here is a teaser, Without further ado.............
  10. whiteman_01

    blinker not canceling

    Just noticed tonight that my left blinker does not cancel anymore in my 94. It does just fine to the right though. What's up with that??
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  12. whiteman_01


    2 hrs........ish:dribble:
  13. whiteman_01

    Junk Yard

    So i went to the yard today and i found one sho. It was a 94 opal frost, and it was rust free. It was a sad sight to see in the yard, but i am going back with more tools to rob stuff from it. The car has 80mm maf, 11.6s, should have a chip, will check tomorrow, equal length y pipe that the yard...
  14. whiteman_01

    Just installed new clutch and trans a couple of q's

    I just gt mt 94 mtx back on the road. Some of you may remember about a month ago i lost 3rd and 4th gear. Well i finally got around to getting it fixed, but im having some issues. The trans come out of my 93 and was in good working order when it come out. The 93 needed a new clutch, and i had...
  15. whiteman_01

    The 2nd anual MNSHOC cruise.

    Ok. I would like to take a cruise to Duluth before we all have to put the SHO's away. The dates that I am available to do so, are saturday October 10th, and the 17th. Some ideas that have been thrown around a bit are to go to gooseberry falls state park, maybe grill there if we can. We...
  16. whiteman_01

    Lost 3rd and 4th

    Hey guys. I was getting on the hwy today, and some guy didnt want to move over for me. I was already in 3rd, at about 60, so i gave it about 3/4 throttle. well, the shifter popped out of gear so i tried to put it back in and there was nothing. Same with 4th, you could feel it go in, but then...
  17. whiteman_01

    Hiccup at start up, but seems fine there after.

    So i was out at menards to day picking up some lumber, (yes, with the car) and when i got ready to leave i started my car. (of course) It started fine, but with in a few seconds of letting go of the key the idle kicked up to about 1500 rpm. At the same time i noticed the check engine light...
  18. whiteman_01

    Busy Friday Night?

    I know its short notice, but i was wondering if anyone wanted to get together on friday night. If so, we could have a fire at my place and grill some burgers or something. Any takers?
  19. whiteman_01

    Why Tyler, why?!?

    Thats all.......
  20. whiteman_01

    >>>>>> Tech Meet <<<<<<

    Come one, Come all to the great mnshoc tech meet. Date: 4/25/2009 Time: 10am-Whenever. For anyone considering coming from out of town, you are welcome to crash here if needed. I do have some extra room, i also have a camper i could set up if need be. For food and beverage, i...

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