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    Seat cushion shot on 2015 - 95K miles with AC and Heat

    Has anyone dealt with their seat cushion wearing out? I have 97K on mine and my wife and I couldn't go for more than an hour without our backs starting to hurt. We are both in pretty good shape. What I was told by an upholsterer was that these cushions don't hold up due to all the holes in...
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    Coolant leak - use stop leak?

    I am slowing losing coolant and a pressure test showed it coming from the water pump housing which my mechanic said is a bear of a job to get to. My question is, is it safe to try a stop leak product or will that make things worse. Is there a downside to keep adding coolant as needed? I have...
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    Electric oiler for turbo's

    My understanding of the turbo's is when you shut the motor off, the oil stops pumping to the turbo's even though they may still be spinning. I've been told to wait a bit before turning the motor off to allow for them to slow down. Has anyone ever heard of an electric oil pump that kicks in...
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    New to forum

    I own a 2015 with 94K miles. This is my third one including the Yamaha 6 cylinder and the V8 model. I was thinking of selling this one because my seat cushion lost its support ( heated and AC) and I’ve had some issues with losing coolant but I decided today to put some money into it and keep...