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    The MN official BS Thread..
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    Rod knock?

    I just got done building a motor due to a spud rod. It can happen.
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    Just bought a Zex kit! Had a question!

    taken from zex q&a Q: Do I need a bottle heater? A: A nitrous bottle heater makes it easy to automatically maintain the optimum bottle pressure of 900-1000 psi. This ensures maximum hp and consistency for your nitrous system. ZEX™ has a very easy to install bottle heater (part #82006) that...
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    Moving to Prescott

    I'm in prescott! Wi
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    Our EcoBoost on

    He never showed....
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    The Delicate Sound of Thunder continues...

    You need a football conversion like mine.
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    3rd annual St Louis SHO BBQ

    Thats a good point Donovan, thinking about it now that im awake, there'd be no room.
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    3rd annual St Louis SHO BBQ

    What, cant ride with me? We really havent discussed it yet, but the suburban worked out well last year.
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    Steering Feels Odd.

    I had similar symptoms when the rear left of my subframe dropped. But, under throttle, it would pull really bad.
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    MN Decal Idea's?

    Welcome back
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    The MNSHOC Pic thread.

    your tabs are expired. :)
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    The MNSHOC Pic thread.

    I have yet to get my own pics of the newish ride. 96 V8 MTX with a couple things done.
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    Reverse shuddering with HD clutch.

    Whatever clutch is in my gen 3 chatters (if you can call it that) pretty badly in reverse.

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