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    2010 fuel leak

    Haha. Yeah every little bit helps lol. Also found some Cheerios and paper clips. I haven’t had the seat off in years since I did my audio upgrade years ago. Good news though, Just confirmed my local dealership has the parts in stock. Hopefully I’ll have this fixed today.
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    2010 fuel leak

    I found the tool….
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    2010 fuel leak

    So looks like it leaking from the sending unit gasket. I’ll replace the lock ring at the same time. Is there a specific tool for removing the ring?
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    2010 fuel leak

    Thx for the responses. I’ll check it out later and report back
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    2010 fuel leak

    I just noticed I have a small fuel leak on the driver side about a tire width inside and about even with the front of the back tire. Are there any plastic connections or hoses down there? Or is everything hard pipe coming from the sending unit. I just filled the tank up yesterday so I’m...
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    Lowering rear end.... H & R vs. cutting stock springs.

    Nothing wrong wit da dip Before /after
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    2010, multiple PCM issues

    I would check the physical PCM then under the wiper cowl. check for chewed wires or compromised wiring/harness. wiper arm removal tool is highly recommended so you don’t accidentally crack the windshield.
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    2010, multiple PCM issues

    I didn’t have any symptoms but upgraded when I did an audio upgrade. Check Ground wire passenger side near the strut tower. mine was corroded and was very brittle and basically disintegrated when bent. It goes from the strut tower area to the top of the manifold.
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    Brake light stuck on after changing calipers/rotors/pads

    If you pressed hard o n the pedal it’s probably the brake light switch
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    Random overheating. Forscan question

    Well since you changed a hose I can only assume there is still air in the system. Here is some copy/pasta for you lol Open the degas bottle cap and fill the degas bottle to the MAX fill line. Close the degas bottle cap. CAUTION: If the engine overheats or the fluid level drops below the...
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    95 ATX

    what in the actual ****. Looks like something from Batman’s garage I’m sure it’s “ street legal” if the street is covered in dirt and goes around in a circle.
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    Random overheating. Forscan question

    Maybe monitor cylinder head temp. These motors are difficult to purge the air from the system. Have you checked around the coolant tube around the upper intake for leaks? Sometimes air can get sucked in through a very small leak that’s barely noticeable.
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    Weird ring around intake valve

    Found it
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    Ring around the Rosie

    In another post he removed the intake and found a piece of rubber hose. he recently had the water pump and timing chain replaced. I wonder if he ever contacted the service provider?

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