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    Rock Auto Discount code

    243579155218269027 Oct 13 2023
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    New owner 91 autocross car

    Welcome This is Tony Fallones previous car.
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    SHO Source is BUSY. They are the only dedicated business supporting SHO's. Send SHO Source another message. Are you on Facebook? There are several reliable people there that sell parts. This is the place to go for parts.
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    Rock Auto Discount code

    228090030205015326 Expires April 28, 2023
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    Tompumped….please return money or ship shifter Tom is currently selling it on Ebay.
  6. black92 Discount Code - Expires October 28, 2022

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    1991 SHO Original with Turbo

    Is this car the rear mount turbo car that Doug Lewis built several years ago?
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    Steering Wheel Bearing Replacement.

    I have never seen a sloppy steering column bearing. Anything is possible. I have seen a cracked column housing, which did not hold the steering column snug. Crawl under the dash while another wiggles the wheel. Attempt to pinpoint the slop.
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    gen1 oil pan gasket Both have How to articles.
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    Battery light on constantly car runs fine

    I experenced this a few months ago on my 95 as well
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    Battery light on constantly car runs fine

    Make sure the indicator light wire has a good connection. Single wire connector at alternator. If this connection is weak or bad, battery light will illuminate, but alternator will still be charging.
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    Lowering springs

    These will fit any gen 1 or 2 just fine. Now would be a good time to start looking for Sensa Trac shocks.
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    I am OK

    Sorry about the damage. Glad to here the family and house are safe.
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    Front Koni inserts help!

    Google Truechoice and Proparts USA. They are authorized Koni rebuilders. Not cheap at roughly $300 each to rebuild.
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    Looking for lower profile stuts

    Coilover spring manufactures will advertise spring height when compressed. You need to calculate your total travel, and determine if your spring height allows enough travel. 8-10" spring heights work best on SHO's