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    Battery light on constantly car runs fine

    I experenced this a few months ago on my 95 as well
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    Battery light on constantly car runs fine

    Make sure the indicator light wire has a good connection. Single wire connector at alternator. If this connection is weak or bad, battery light will illuminate, but alternator will still be charging.
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    Lowering springs

    These will fit any gen 1 or 2 just fine. Now would be a good time to start looking for Sensa Trac shocks.
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    I am OK

    Sorry about the damage. Glad to here the family and house are safe.
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    Front Koni inserts help!

    Google Truechoice and Proparts USA. They are authorized Koni rebuilders. Not cheap at roughly $300 each to rebuild.
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    Looking for lower profile stuts

    Coilover spring manufactures will advertise spring height when compressed. You need to calculate your total travel, and determine if your spring height allows enough travel. 8-10" spring heights work best on SHO's
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    Looking for lower profile stuts

    Is your tire hitting the spring perch, or the 2" housing? Have you tried to raise the strut assembly in the knuckle? Then cut a dead spring coil to adjust your ride height. Coilovers may help the perch clearance. Use of short springs can get the perch above the tire. Watch for coil bind with to...
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    Hello! New Member from Wisconsin

    Welcome. Few Wisconsin owners, check out the Wisconsin section below.
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    Oops, I didn't see my welcome message.

    I wish I could find neat SHO's in my driveway. Thank you for joining and sharing pictures. Good luck on the project. Please check out and consider the convention. You can get this car back on the race track where it belongs.
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    New SHO guy

    Welcome. Check out Not very active, but there is a Wisconsin section below where gatherings are posted. Enjoy the SHO. Hope to check out this nice looking car some day.
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    Bought a 90 SHO

    Great to see someone spend so much effort restoring a SHO. Keep up the hard work, and continue posting pictures.
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    93mtx primes,cranks, tach responds, but won't start

    Fan on when key on but engine not running is a clue the PCM has a fault. May not be the cause of not start though.
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    1989 Ford Taurus SHO - Wisconsin

    Welcome. We have a Wisconsin section where you can find local help. I am in SE Wisconsin.
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    96 SHO - 3K miles

    Extremely clean car. Hope it bids well.
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    New owner of an '89 from Minnesota, have some questions!

    Start with changing the thermostat. This could be the cause of coolant temps constantly changing. Cam seals on the front engine are common leakers, or the valve cover gaskets will leak onto exhaust manifolds. From the factory, the SHO trans has a fill hole at the front. No drain plug. You need...

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