WTB- Misc Gen 1 and 92 interior and trunk parts (black interior)

Discussion in 'Wanted to Buy' started by Frank Costa, Aug 11, 2019.

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    Jul 31, 2019
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    Off the top of my head., lol

    Gen 1 Headliner (condition not important), i have to custom trim it as i have an aftermarket moonroof (unfortuntely)
    90 / 91 / 92 Autolamp Area cover plate (interior piece)
    Gen 1 89 Driver mirror access cover (interior triangle looking piece), i would take a passenger one too if you have it
    Gen 1 Trunk carpet (bottom)
    Gen 1 Full size spare tire cover (or donut cover)
    Gen 1 Header panel (piece that holds headlights, grill..etc on) black and width of the car
    Gen 1 Titanium Front bumper cover / rear cover / and any titanium cladding (curiosity)
    Gen 1 Police grill
    Gen 1 Titanium trunk lid? Good paint?
    Gen1 Interior Windows switches and plates (black interior)
    Gen 1 Door handle screw hole covers (black)
    Gen 1 Center Console / black
    Any Gen 1 interior pieces in black (plastic moldings / Rear Speaker covers)
    Gen 1 Center light

    Frank Costa (SHOrage)
    3.2 And Quaifed
    89 Titanium Grey
    90 Dash
    BBB / 3.2 /w 3.0 Heads
    Tokico / Eibach /H-Brace
    Solid Delrin Subframe Bushings
    Subframe Connectors
    Jose SHOrt Shifter
    TPR Everywhere
    Solid Motor Mounts

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