With a PittRace HPDE pricing deadline coming up, this is just a Reminder!

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    The Early Bird Rate of $275 for PittRace ends on February 19th!

    There are four Tiers of Pricing, going up to $355:

    Price Tiers for the HPDE on Sunday September 5th (from the AutoInterests website): $275 (Members: $261.25) - Tier 1 price ends Feb. 19, 2021

    $310 (Members: $294.50) - Tier 2 price ends July 6, 2021

    $330 (Members: $313.50) - Tier 3 price ends Aug. 4, 2021

    $355 (Members: $337.25) - Tier 4 price

    And Early Bird pricing for the SHO Convention remains at $60 through April 30th.

    The following was “borrowed” from the SCOA Page on Facebook:

    One of my favorite parts of the National SHO Convention is the track day! Autointerests has different options for run groups, so picking the one that works for you is easy! First time out and you need an instructor? You got it! Experienced with many track days under your belt? You got it, along with everything in-between!

    We have designated Sunday, September 5th as the "SHO track day" on our convention schedule for 2021.

    More information about run groups: https://autointerests.com/run-groups-registration

    Convention Registration/Information: www.shoclubofamerica.com

    Track Day Registration/Information: www.autointerests.com

    Autointerests gets a lot of experienced drivers, with hot cars, and on track rubber. Those of us who ran Advanced/Instructor for SHO events are more comfortable in Intermediate. Frankly, I wouldn't recommend going for Advanced unless you have track rubber, and are north of 400 HP.

    If you haven’t run with Autointerests since 2019, you MUST establish your Run Group with Autointerests (see their webpage) PRIOR to signing up for the Track Day. Otherwise, you will default to First Timer (ask Tommy Ochal how that works!).

    We are also planning on offering Ride Alongs, with those of us in Novice Solo through Advanced. The cost for the rider is $10 for a wristband, available from Autointerests at PittRace over the weekend. SA2010 or newer SA helmets required. I’ll be bringing a spare, and we can probably rustle up enough for any folks wishing to Ride Along.

    Again, be sure to check out our new (for 2021) website, for any Membership or Convention information. The Convention Events and Schedule will be refined and updated between now and September: www.shoclubofamerica.com

    Remember to Renew your Membership, if you haven’t already! And I hope to see you all at PittRace for the Convention!

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