To cool or not to cool? Aka: Benefit or boondoggle?

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    I maintain a climate controlled garage. Never below 58-60 in winter, never above 74 summer or 45% Rh. I know it’s a benefit to the leather interiors. My last trade in was 11 years old and the leather had very minor use wear. But still supple and nowhere near cracking or drying out. But, since I’ve owned the bull, I pull it in during summer months and open the hood completely. Allowing the motor to freely release all of its heat. I hit the “turbo” (how fitting) button on the remote control for full capacity cooling. In a matter of an hour temperature within the space ceases to rise. Within 2 hours the temperature begins to decline and the K&N intake tube is beginning to cool to the touch. I’ve often wondered if there’s any real benefit beyond my obsessive compulsive nature? I sincerely doubt the expansion and contraction happens fast enough to weaken anything. At a trade show in California I had a gentleman almost come to blows with me because I was “behaving irresponsibly toward the planet.” But it’s actually a very energy efficient system. Not that it was my major concern. It’s great for me when I detail in the South Carolina summer. But is it good for the bull?

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