? thecheapest i should sell my immaculate 97 SHO.

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    I got a buyer coming tomorrow for my beautiful 97 SHO. Has a really nice silver paintjob with no fading peeling or scratches. White leather immaculate seats, with no cracks rips tares holes or stains. Sunroof, electric everything.Dash is in perfect condition and it has a hidden 6 disc hidden cd player. Extra transmission/engine oil & oil filters. Extra tail light and coils. Only thing is a dent on front fender and ware n tare on steering wheeI . I put $800 online and within 2 hours i got 2 calls begging to buy it for the asking price. After reading up on them the past couple days im not sure if i wanna sale it, if so maybe more idk. It was garaged its entire life. Didn't move the past 3 years and my current neighbor was the old owner. He said it had trouble staying running and hes not mechanically inclined or hed try and fix it. Just wanted the space in garage for his new car and sold it to me cheap. I put a new battery in it and it wanted to go but didnt start until i gave it a shot of starter fluid. Wouldnt stay running without my foot on the gas keeping it around 2grand or so. Should i sell it for the $800 or is that low ballin myself? Id like to keep it but need cash by the 1st. Please someone talk me out of selling it or tell me its worth more and hold off a while so that a SHO enthusiast can own it. If its as cool of a car as im hearing ill just sell my boat instead. Lol

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    Hard to say if it's worth more. How does it run when you have it revved up to 2k? I just wonder if it has a slipped cam gear or not. If it does, it pretty much needs another motor.

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