thank you ShoWild for relieving me off most of the parts I got from Colorado.

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    and I hope you can either use them or make a mint off them, or give them to people who need them as I did. I decided that if someone can use a part, I like to try a pass it forward I think its called these days. But if you've got the time to make some $$, best of luck..And best of luck in general...thanks again for making the trip. My daughters will be happy when the day comes that they didn't have to take it all to the dump, with so much of the other junk they'll get rid of when I croak
    Still have the 3.0 engine and 5 speed tranny, unbolted. I'm keeping them until July 1st 2019, then they gotta go/
    The engine just has the intake off and the timing stuff in the front, otherwise complete and don't know internal conditions. still have all the parts,intake, timing cover, injector wiring, pulleys and tensioner etc and etcetera.
    Got it completefrom the yard several years ago and was going to practice on it, but didn't get very far. The tranny has not been opened either
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