Taurus SHO from Ukraine (CNG motor configuration)

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    I'm re-reading my first olds posts and its seems that there was others photos of the body in the original selling post and front wasn't damaged (=recent front impact ?).

    Indeed, here a SHO in this situation will cost only 500$-800$ canadians. Don't forget to ask if the cams are welded, its a major flaw as you may already know. It can be verified even if the trans is broken.

    Not so complicated to replace as its the same part as others Taurus (3 bolts, 2 plugs IIRC). But we have to unbolt the top external black plastic part from the mechanism. It take a special tool and the plastic can broke. Playing on and off with the key, can place it in the good position (ex. turn off the key 2 times can help the antenna closing completely). Some put an antenna switch to prevent wear on it. They open it with a secondary button when they need radio. Mine some days works perfectly, some days works not completely. Dirt, water and heat affect it.

    This woman worked on the design for all Taurus of 1996 but I forgot his name sadly... Here is some interesting pages however. (Maybe the link is dead, I wasn't able to re-find it.)
    On Ford experiments
    I also put reviews made in 2011 by a reporter prepared to have dull ride... (see PDF) If you havn't tryed one, it will explain you how it goes.

    I prefer this number. It seems to be a true silver in fact.

    You're welcome, for a guy that lives in a area where none of these cars were sold, I found you're very well informed and enthousiastic. Its impressive to find fans all around the world. :)

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