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    so I finally had enough free time to work on the SHO wagon I picked up last year. I had a good amount of work to do getting it running good and street ready. After it was road worthy I put her to the test and drove from Des Moines Iowa all the way to Savannah Ga. Happy to say she ran great the whole way! Found a few more bugs needing to work out, but also worked a few bugs out just by spending time with her and putting some miles down.

    Once I got back to my place I was finally able to start clearing out the 12 years of mouse poop and everything else you can thing of getting in a car that sat with no interior for 12 years. Still trying to peace together interior for her but took a few pics of the work I’ve done so far.

    So please enjoy a few before, during and after pics of my step One interior rebuild.
    The front is completed as well just never got any pictures taken before putting the temp bench seat back in.

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