Stage 1 Power Pack | 2010+ Taurus SHO/Flex/Explorer/MKS - $579.99

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    Hey guys, I know I'm pushing out a lot of posts, but just excited to share with you all of the new things we have going on at Ortiz Tuning Performance.

    One of the specials that we launched last week that has been a hit is the Boost Weather Power Package. We've been going back and forth on what our biggest sellers have been and where we can help people get the most bang for their buck on tuning and power. With that, we have released our Boost Weather Power Package!

    As part of this special, you will receive:

    • SCT X4 or BDX Handheld Tuner
    • Rat Stat 170 degree thermostat
    • M-12405-35T spark plugs pre-gapped to 0.026" (x6)
    • Motorcraft 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor
    • Ortiz Performance Custom Tuning Solution
    • Ortiz Performance 7"x2" Sticker

    Purchase today to lock in this special pricing. This deal is currently only for 2010+ Taurus SHOs, but please feel free to message us to build a custom package for your application.

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