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    I just replaced the suspension and driveline in my 99 SHO. Wife's car, she loves it and is a very busy lady - so I needed to get it done promptly because we have no back up... The axles came from SHO Source, and I had problems getting them. It turned out that UPS return routed them because I transposed the zip code and UPS neglected to contact SHO Source for assistance. UPS also refused to reroute them when they were still much closer to me than to SHO Source... I sent an email to SHO Source and they called my cell within 10 minutes (after 5 pm ND time). When I talked to Matt or Mike (I do not recall which) and asked what they could do, they sent me a new set next day air and I noticed by the tracking number that they actually got the package started yet that day. Outstanding service, excellent packaging, very pleased with quality of parts! I hope that UPS coughs up cost of next day to SHO Source - they have not asked me for a dime of that shipping. First class support!
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