SHO Ranger - are there any completed ones??

Discussion in 'SHO Related' started by Power Surge, Sep 10, 2017.

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    So, I've still got that SHO motor that I was going to put into a Mustang II sitting in my garage.

    I've moved onto a different project (putting a Coyote 5.0 into a 73 Torino), but lately I've been thinking about putting the SHO motor into a Ranger.

    I've done some pretty extensive searching on here and the Ranger Forum, but there just doesn't seem to be any finished trucks. Most SHO Ranger threads end within a page or two, never to be heard of again.

    I know there is the offroad SHO Ranger (Lupos?), but I do not want to go that crazy with the truck.

    I came across ONE thread here that's 9 pages that seems to have gone far, but that thread has fallen victim to the Photobucket blackmail disaster.

    Has anyone successfully finished an SHO swap into a stock Ranger?

    I'm capable of doing any mods needed, I'm just curious what I'll be up against.

    My main questions are:

    Will the SHO oil pan work in a 2wd Ranger?
    Will the intake clear the firewall, if flipped around?
    Will the intake clear the HVAC case?

    I'm mainly concerned about actual fitment. I am aware of most of the other issues (fabbing motor mounts, notching the bellhousing for the rear seal plate, etc).

    Oh.... my other option I'm considering is an SHO Taurus Wagon.... since we happen to have a clean early 90s wagon sitting in the yard of our shop that I could get for pretty much nothing.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated :)
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    Lupo was the only one that was operating that I remember being on here. My memory could be faulty. Hopefully someone who curated old stuff that isn't around anymore has some insight. I'd love to see you do one. The wagon might be a little easier but the ranger would be cooler.
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    I looked at this seriously at one point and then did a wagon swap.

    I'm pretty sure the oil pan will not be a problem on any 2wd Ranger platform. The intake / rear of head / thermostat housing to firewall clearance are all real issues. I never got to the point of verifying how the intake to heater box would fit. I believe to make it fit, you would need the engine 2-3" forward of where the 3.0 Vulcan sits in a Ranger.

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